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The development is called Bonnyview at Aberdeen, and the home model is "The McGraw," which spans 1,521 square feet, offers two master-bedroom suites with walk-in closets and, if Harmon weren't so all-fired crazy about the Avalanche, would normally fetch about $183,000.
What's so almighty, all-fired sweet about the village?"
If we editorial writers and columnists are so all-fired powerful, why did the House of Representatives then gut the bill?
A better remedy would be for the middle classes to behave themselves, and to give a good example to those beneath them, and to stop feeling so all-fired guilty about everything under the sun.
So why is it so all-fired important to write about someone who, at this point, is merely a nominee with an uncertain fate?
Once or twice a week always suited us.) But, the people who made it seem so all-fired urgent turned us off.
I wonder what kind of discussion we might have had if instead of being so all-fired superior, I had stopped to help her sort out her own thoughts.
In the example above, if it's so all-fired important not to lose the retaining nuts (and if you don't trust your readers' intelligence to figure this out), make the instructions for not losing the nuts into a step: