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In the same context, the minister proposed an all-encompassing strategic cooperation agreement to deepen the defence ties between the two countries.
With more and more attractions being developed, each of the stakeholders recognise the importance of reinforcing Yas Island as an all-encompassing destination", says Karim Al Guanaini, vice-president, Yas Island Destination Management.
It is to the detriment of my personal life, but fortunately I have a very understanding family and they understand that that's part of it and that it's all-encompassing.
No less bold or all-encompassing is this new book, in which Diamond considers the opposite end of the continuum, civilizations that collapsed.
It is also for any open-minded reader of any race, who is already sold on the all-encompassing nature of Christianity.
Our Guatemala trip had many highlights, but none so all-encompassing and hopeful as our visit to San Lucas Toliman.
Global aging is all-encompassing and will affect every man, woman and child anywhere in the world.
Regarding religious proselytism, Lynn told the committee, "The president has repeatedly stated his desire to fund groups that permeate their programs with an all-encompassing religious element.
The idea was to promote northeastern Ontario's fantastic mining skill sets to the country and to the world and broaden the region's reputation for mining expertise into an all-encompassing reputation for providing mining solutions globally.
Hailed as "the business world's own Oscars" by the New York Post (September 22, 2002), the American Business Awards are the first national, all-encompassing business awards program honoring great performances in the workplace.
It reminds us that our usual understanding of the doctrine of sin is neither simple nor all-encompassing.
Before 1989, Christians were trying to survive under an all-encompassing totalitarian police regime, and lived with fear and suspicion, enclosing themselves defensively with a ghetto mentality.
as much for its bone-jarring noise and conspicuously chic all-black costumes as for its relentless high energy and all-encompassing explosiveness.
This volume shows how Marxist theoretical perspectives on profitability, capital accumulation, and class struggle can enable a more all-encompassing historical account of Korea's transformations, especially by analyzing government policy and economic institutions in terms of political conflict, the nature of workers' resistance, and Korea's changing place in the global economy.
It was all-encompassing and gut-wrenchingly hard and very educational," she said.