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It is not limited to issues that concern the female gender; it is all-encompassing.
"In 2011, three years after my arrival in Russia, Chinese-Russian relations reached a new level, becoming the ties of all-encompassing equal and trust-based partnership and strategic cooperation, mutual support, prosperity and friendship passed on from generation to generation," the envoy wrote.
'Integrating Together' - optimize the role of providing all-encompassing services for the paper-making industry
Titled, "Creating the Environment for Sustainable Economic Growth", the event will explore the policies that the emirate is devising to ensure its vision for development is all-encompassing and people-centric.
In the same context, the minister proposed an all-encompassing strategic cooperation agreement to deepen the defence ties between the two countries.
Padilla also said the information that went to the President was all-encompassing and that the military was just providing part of the intelligence information being gathered.
KUWAIT, Nov 11 (KUNA) -- As Kuwait is marking its 52nd anniversary of establishing the constitution on Tuesday, National Assembly Speaker stressed that the struggle of the Kuwaiti people and the wisdom of its many leaderships are the ones who were able to create an all-encompassing constitution.
The show also sees the return of the all-encompassing question: Is it OK to...?
The software product is considered to be unique and there are few competitors presently in the market offering such an all-encompassing suite of software within their target market thereby making this move quite strategic in Epazz, Inc.'s projected growth.
NNA - An all-encompassing government necessitates making mutual concessions between parties concerned, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, told the Lebanese in his message on Prophet Muhammad's Birthday today.
Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, hailed HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa ongoing all-encompassing reform and democratization proje London: June 30 -- (BNA)-- Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, H.E.
Players can choose from different troop types from tanks to Marine raiders and can build a US force to fight in virtually any war scenario using this all-encompassing guide.
It was a reincarnation worth pursuing, as your journey through more than 200 quests will prove to be an all-encompassing labour of love, delivering the best Monster Hunter title to date.
The 44-year-old blames it on the all-encompassing scenes that required him to become "totally single-minded".