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BEIRUT: Tripoli is gearing up for the convening of "an all-embracing Tripoli National Gathering" Saturday to adopt a document for civil peace in the war-torn northern city, north Lebanon Mufti Sheikh Malek al-Shaar said Monday.
The systematic pursuit of an all-embracing approach when it comes to electric mobility will provide some much-needed stimulus in Germany and beyond, and will further increase the technology?
During those four days the horseracing is all-embracing.
Why not have an all-embracing body taking in the best we have at present, and geared to cope with legal, professional, negotiating, research matters, standards, etc .
It aims to be accessible, all-embracing and -importantly - affordable, with events either free or costing just a few pounds.
The latest package of proposals which was presented by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki to the ambassadors and representatives of the six major powers paved the way for the talks and is an all-embracing package offering cooperation between Iran and the West on solutions to a wide variety of global issues.
Patrick Fossett's father coined as nice a definition of the distinction between science and engineering as we are likely to find and which at the same time demonstrates the all-embracing capabilities of these two words (Letters, PE 20 May).
Nielsen is all-embracing, celebrating heroism and humour, life's triumphs and pratfalls.
Not only is Labour going ahead with an all-embracing unnecessary and ridiculously expensive ID card register and letting down the "people's post offices" but it is increasing duty on the one thing that the working man, in clubs (which are also in decline) enjoys after a long days work: the pint.
We live in very troubled times and there is enough intolerance and aggression in the world without the Church abandoning those who may need the support of a loving all-embracing God the most.
If ever there was a sign Birmingham was rapidly developing a reputation as an all-embracing city, it would be the sight of thousands of tourists dressed in fluorescent pink, braving Britain's weather to dance through the streets to Abba tribute band Bjorn Again.
Wal-Mart is integral to an all-embracing globalization that serves the privileged at the expense of the underprivileged.
Shortbus (ThinkFilm) Writer-director John Cameron Mitchell's heady follow-up to Hedwig and the Angry Inch is this all-embracing, envelope-pushing comedy about sex and love (in every possible combination) in the fairy-tale New York City of our dreams.
of Denver) presents an account of the relationship between individuality and choice, leading readers through scales of choice to an all-embracing level called life choice.
Its members, forming the only entity in possession of universal laws and an all-embracing spiritual vision, began to rebuild a new civilization more directly based on love of God and neighbour.