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(of animals) both plant-eating and flesh-eating

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The author's excellent demonstrative example thereof is Philip Roth's "American Pastoral," which marks both the evaporation of the myth of American beauty and the all-devouring beginning of urban decay.
They created, with their ruthless populism, the all-devouring public sector and its e1/42.
And just when the punning of these lines (sharpened by its continued expansion on the "move" from England to America) threatens to overwhelm the poem, a short but terse desperation shows through, only to be pushed aside by a now more biting humor: "and something furtive in us thirsts for fire, / the all-devouring rose in the falling dusk, / while real estaters whisper at our ears / we do this every two-point-seven years.
OUR STATE may be bankrupt but our all-devouring, self-serving, ruling elite still refuses to give the hapless taxpayer a break.
With the political demagogues, who created the all-devouring monsters like the CyBC and other SGOs, still deciding our fate, the only solution for a prudent Cypriot would be to follow the example being set by many young people -- emigrate.
This was how they bred the all-devouring Minotaur that is the state sector.
It was about time that the rampant thieving of the state and the people by the blood-sucking public parasites and their all-devouring comrades at the semi-governmental workers' co-operatives was stopped.
How could you, be optimistic when you heard this miserable, little man demanding we all paid to guarantee the privileges of his all-devouring parasites.
A shop assistant on e1/4900 a month -- there are also thousands being paid less than the minimum wage -- will pay more for basic necessities so that Hadjipetrou's all-devouring members, most of whom earn, on average, four to five times as much, can continue their pampered and privileged existence.
At least two politicians are acting like men, standing up for what is right and refusing to be intimidated by the leader of the all-devouring parasites.
The private sector would pay to cover the deficit caused by the all-devouring greed of the public parasites who were not prepared to have their privileges reduced.
The president's unwillingness to take any unpopular decisions, is posing as big a threat to our economy as the all-devouring public sector.
They are being asked to make sacrifices because successive governments had irresponsibly allowed the public sector to grow into an all-devouring monster that the state could not afford to sustain.
This was a positive development as it showed the minister was no longer in denial about the problems caused to the real economy by the all-devouring public sector.