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(of animals) both plant-eating and flesh-eating

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Think not only of the all-devouring armies of Alexander and Genghis Khan but also of Exodus.
And then there's the rhetorical status of America, another complicated subject, where the Irish North and South appear to be diverse and the sexual atmosphere can be all-devouring, as in "The Python," a story that might be better known.
After two days of deliberations, it became clear that though the task is daunting and time is running out, something must be done to end this tragic, all-devouring conflict.
Her book focuses on the ways in which Murdoch articulates a reflexive form of metaphysical realism in order to defend a view of the self as orientated to a transcendent concept of the good, aiming on the one hand to combat voluntarism and on the other to resist the reduction of the self to all-devouring contingent historical or social processes.
Like most memoirs written by writers, the narrative soon reveals itself to be a powerful Bildungsroman, and we see quite clearly that her world of cruelty and all-devouring hunger is survivable only if one places them within a Dionysian worldview in which a positive transformation always results, even if it takes years to understand how and where that took place.
The author's excellent demonstrative example thereof is Philip Roth's "American Pastoral," which marks both the evaporation of the myth of American beauty and the all-devouring beginning of urban decay.
Mano's all-devouring hobby is breeding the perfect chrysanthemum, a flower of iconoclastic qualifies to the Japanese since being introduced from China 1,200 years ago.
Its achievement is not to supplant one schema by another, Belfast for Dublin, but rather to unsettle the argument for any all-devouring nationalist schema on behalf of particularity.
Once the all-devouring American vultures fly in, however, Hassapis will have to vacate the chairman's office, because Wilbur is unlikely to allow a union/party appointee and apprentice banker to have a big say in a bank in which he has invested hundreds of millions.
retrospect, by Goethe's rhapsody 'Uber die Natur', that apocryphal text which presents Nature as all-embracing, all-devouring mother.
And just when the punning of these lines (sharpened by its continued expansion on the "move" from England to America) threatens to overwhelm the poem, a short but terse desperation shows through, only to be pushed aside by a now more biting humor: "and something furtive in us thirsts for fire, / the all-devouring rose in the falling dusk, / while real estaters whisper at our ears / we do this every two-point-seven years.
Yes, the Cold War had come safely to an end, and yes, the deregulation of the global economy has bestowed upon the consuming public any number of precious boons, but the new economic order also had spawned the birth of monsters rising like Godzilla from the sea of alien debt, and how was a company supposed to stay in business, much less afford what the publicists call "a global presence," unless it transformed itself into Daisy the elephant or maybe into one of those giant robots, mechanical and all-devouring, that clank across the landscape of a George Lucas movie?
They created, with their ruthless populism, the all-devouring public sector and its e1/42.
OUR STATE may be bankrupt but our all-devouring, self-serving, ruling elite still refuses to give the hapless taxpayer a break.
With the political demagogues, who created the all-devouring monsters like the CyBC and other SGOs, still deciding our fate, the only solution for a prudent Cypriot would be to follow the example being set by many young people -- emigrate.