all together

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all at the same time


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Then the advance stopped dead, the ground stood still, the whole line saluted, and thirty bands began to play all together.
I commanded the chief guide to arrange the men and animals in single file, twelve feet apart, and lash them all together on a strong rope.
Could they have seen the savages all together in one body, and at a distance from their canoes, they were resolved, if there had been a hundred of them, to attack them; but that could not be done, for they were some of them two miles off from the other, and, as it appeared afterwards, were of two different nations.
All together now in no man's land (together) All together now (all together), all together now (all together) All together now (together, together) In no man's land (together, together)
Given some of the language barriers and the lack of continuity in translating educational sessions, the cultural experience that brought us all together was a delightful focus.