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all at the same time


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All together now (all together), all together now (all together) All together now for England (together) All together now (all together now), all together now (all together now) All together now (together, together) In no man's land (together, together)
It was on September 11, 2001, that my colleagues in the Organization of the American States, when we were all together in Lima, were the first to come together to condemn the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
Tying it all together though is a slithery bass line, making its way up and down the fretboard and into your toe-tapping shoe space.
"Both men and women can enter hard times when their bodies, minds, emotions, or spirits (or all together) can change.
Given some of the language barriers and the lack of continuity in translating educational sessions, the cultural experience that brought us all together was a delightful focus.
"All together, these various improvements permit us to extract very minuscule signal changes from the spectral data," Newbury says.