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Synonyms for aboard

on a ship, train, plane or other vehicle


on first or second or third base


side by side


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will supply ties to FECR, All Aboard Florida--a passenger rail project connecting Miami to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando--as well as other transit agencies and railroads throughout the Southeast.
"Rocla is excited to be part of this unique partnership between FECR and All Aboard Florida," says Rocla Vice President of Business Development Brett Urquhart.
The All Aboard Yacht Charters classic yacht "Discovery" has received a facelift.
All Aboard Yacht Charters has been operating since 1981.
John, owner of All Aboard Yacht Charters, says, "I truly believe we offer the foremost Adventure Travel Vacations and Nature Tours available in the world today."
All Aboard Yacht Charters offers cruises through Alaska's inside passage, where passengers can catch salmon, halibut and crab, walk in magical rain forests, visit Sea Lion Rookeries, watch Brown Bears feeding on spawning Salmon, spend time with the graceful Humpback Whale, watch Eagles soar and glaciers calve.
An All Aboard Yacht Charters Alaska cruise will provide memories that will last a lifetime.
Encouraging outcomes from this collaborative effort led to implementation of an expanded job fair program entitled "All Aboard."
Funded by the Dole Foundation in Washington, DC, the All Aboard job fairs were conducted from April to October in 1991.
With a budget of $400 per site, All Aboard sponsors conducted the job fairs by following a step-by-step procedure presented in an instructional packet.
Publicity for All Aboard job fairs was extremely important and involved radio, television, and newspaper presentations and distribution of posters to local businesses and resource agencies.
All Aboard Job Fairs were conducted throughout the two-state region to bring together people with disabilities and senior citizens who were looking for work with employers who were seeking good employees.
The All Aboard Job Fair originated with a pilot study conducted by the University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Department as part of the Senior Power Job Fair hosted by Days Inn of America.
In its grant application to the Dole Foundation, the Department proposed not only to conduct eight job fairs in one year's time but also to produce a planning guide and promotional materials so that others could easily implement All Aboard in their communities.
All Aboard promotional materials are available free of charge from the Department of Rehabilitation.