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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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According to the supposed random-type mechanism of the isomerization of alkynes all positions in the carbon chain can be activated and the elimination is possible [5].
Recently, however, Laurel Schafer and postdoctoral fellow Zhe Zhang at the University of British Columbia have prepared a novel bis-(amidate)titanium precatalyst 1 (Scheme 1) that is highly active and regioselective in the hydroamination of terminal alkynes.
However, recent developments have led to the stabilisation of these compounds and today heavier group 14 element cations, radicals, anions, carbene analogues, alkene and alkyne analogues and aromatics have all been prepared as highly reactive, stable, fully characterizable and readily available organometallic reagents.
Routes to the Rh polyynes involve direct alkyne C-H addition to low valent metal complexes, a strategy which we have been developing over the past few years |15~
The subsequent chapters deal with the the specifics of chirality as it applies to transition metals, including examples of: chirality at metal, half sandwich compounds, chirality in tetrahedral, alkyne complexes, chiral-at-metal complexes in organic synthesis, including Gladysz, Davies and Libeskind, chiral complexes, homogeneous catalysis by chiral complexes, chiral recognition in coordination compounds, chirality in supramolecular coordination compounds - the new field of chiral materials, including chiral metal conductors and chiral networks based on optically active bricks.
Remarkably, though, the copper has almost no effect on either an azide or an alkyne alone; the reactivity only occurs if at least one of each is present.
Equal to the value of this reactivity and its products is the facility with which the key reaction substrates are prepared in 2-5 steps from cheap, commercial alkyne and carbonyl building blocks.
The pendant alkyne can be derivatized with an azide-containing tag, such as a fluorophore or biotin, via a Cu(I) catalyzed “Click” reaction allowing the prenylated proteins to be identified and quantified.
These copolymers contain azide and alkyne groups as well as the chromophore groups.
Analysis of the ATR-FITR absorptions reveals characteristic signatures for functional groups present in Fetuin-A (Figure 1): phenol, alkene, nitrile, alkyne, ester, aromatic hydrocarbon, amine, and amine oxide.
His group's latest innovation, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, makes use of molecules with a diazonium group on one end, and alkyne (C [equivalent to] CH) groups on the other.
E-BODIPY compounds offer the potential for further modification when the substituting nucleophile is an ethynyl group, including nucleophilic addition to and polymerization of the compound at the alkyne site (Goze et al.
Suppliers to these markets with access to additional butadiene-rich C4 feedstocks that have a high share of alkynes may want to consider purchasing an existing butadiene plant that has one of the modern extractive distillation processes that includes an alkyne separation stage, such as the Nippon Zeon GBP.