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organic compound that has an alkyl group bound to a benzene ring

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Deki, "Preparation and characterization of alkyl sulfate and alkylbenzene sulfonate surfactants/ Ti[O.sub.2] hybrid thin films by the liquid phase deposition (LPD) method," Applied Surface Science, vol.
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Yet it is still needed as a precursor for the chemical synthesis of many compounds, mainly ethylbenzene, cumene, cyclohexane, nitrobenzene, and alkylbenzene. The most important consumers of benzene are manufacturers of ethylbenzene, who process more than half of total global consumption.
The objective of this research is to experimentally determine the stability and compatibility of candidate lubricants (such as naphthenic and paraffinic mineral oils, uncapped and capped polyalkylene glycols, linear, branched and mixed polyolesters, and alkylbenzene) with C[O.sub.2] and typical compressor materials of construction such as iron, copper and aluminum.
Test Matrix Lubricant Moisture Level Aging Temperature Type [degrees]C/[degrees]F ISO 32 Naphthenic Mineral Oil 30 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO 32 Mineral Oil 18 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO 32 Alkylbenzene 53 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO 46 Uncapped PAG 188 (Low) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) 1015 (High) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO 46 Dicapped PAG 136 (Low) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) 974 (High) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO VG68 Linear Poe 109 (Low) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) 980 (High) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO VG68 Branched POE 102 (Low) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) 1020 (High) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) ISO VG68 Mixed POE 101 (Low) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High) 997 (High) 175/347 (Low) 225/437 (High)
The largest and most commonly used class of surfactants, the anionic surfactants, include chemistries like alkylbenzene sulfonates, fatty acid soaps, and dialkyl sulfosuccinates.
Investigation of an onsite wastewater treatment system in sandy soil: Sorption and biodegradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate.
A surfactant (linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid, LAS) is used to dissolve the 1,2,4-trimethyl-benzene, or pseudocumene (PC), which is a common LS material, in water.
Synergetic effects of aromatics (benzene, toluene xylene and alkylbenzene) were negative for the 50/50 blend, but positive for the 70/30.
Taipei, April 23, 2012 (CENS) -- Buoyed by increasing output, the Taiwan-based Ho Tung Chemical Corp., a large-sized manufacturer of detergent materials as linear alkyl benzene (LAB), normal paraffin (NP) and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), ambitiously aims to become the world's second-largest supplier of its kind in 2013.
wt% PVC 36.8 [CaCO.sub.3] 28.3 DINP 23.9 Chlorinated paraffin 6.99 Alkylbenzene 1.84 Pb stabilizer 1.10 Ca-stearate 0.74 Wax 0.37 DINP, diisononyl phthalate.
Chronic effects of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) and ammonia on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fry at water criteria limits.
It has been found that there is accumulation in lysosomes of the anionic detergent linear alkylbenzene sulfonate leading to inhibition of lysosomal enzymes like ACP and ALK (Bragadin et al., 1996).
DDT, aldrin, dieldrin, heptachlor, chlordane, kepone, nonylphenol, and alkylbenzene sulfonate) have shown 'hockey-stick' shaped loss curves involving an initial stage of relatively rapid loss followed by little or no loss (Alexander 1995).