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an antineoplastic drug used to treat some forms of cancer

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In the kinetic model developed here, cumene alkylation to para-diisopropyl benzene and isomerization of para-diisopropyl benzene to meta-diisopropyl benzene have been considered to be irreversible pseudo-first-order reactions due to their extremely small concentrations as shown in the product distribution at various space times in Table 4.
3]), was used to initiate the Friedel-Crafts alkylation reaction.
Through the application of new computational tools to integrate high-quality data sets including phenotypic responses to alkylation damage and known protein-protein interactions, the Samson lab has illustrated that interacting networks of proteins are essential for recovery after damage.
Table 1 shows the result of the alkylation of the sodium-metallated PMIA using various halogenated alkyl compounds other than benzyl bromide.
The alkylation process is a newly emerging technology that has drawn much attention in recent years.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of display colors for the combined alkylation unit JSC "Mozyr Oil Refinery"
Other units under maintenance include the alkylation and de-asphalter units, according to a filing with the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection.
The complex was to have an aromatics plant with a nameplate capacity of more than 115,000 t/y of benzene, 20,000 t/y of toluene, plus a 100,000 t/y alkylation unit and a 30,000 t/y catalytic condensation (polymer gasoline) unit.
ITALY: Desmet Ballestra has announced that the first MiniLAB plant, which is based on UOP Detal LAB alkylation technology, has been successfully started up and is now in commercial operation.
Major process units include a fluid coking unit, a fluid catalytic cracking unit, a hydrocracking unit with a hydrogen plant, a continuous catalytic reformer, two alkylation units, and several hydrotreating units.
The head of the state oil company toured the operating area accompanied by the Vice President of Refining, Guillermo Blanco; Ricardo Len, external director and Edwin Andrade, Phase V spokesperson of the Socialist Strategic Plan (PES) of PDVSA 2016-2026, learned in the voice of the working class the work done in the replacement of line P-0919 of The D-6810 tower belonging to the Alkylation Plant, as well as the start of the BTX complex (Benzene, Toluene and Xylene).
According to the document, the 310,000 bpd Cardon refinery stopped its alkylation and isomerization units on March 4 for major planned maintenance.
It was upgraded during the late 1970s, with five new processes added: flexicoking, catalytic cracking, isomerisation, alkylation and crude light ends recovery.
Limited for the license and engineering design of a grassroots sulfuric acid alkylation unit to be built near Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.
Honeywell announced today that it has introduced to the refining industry a new alkylation technology developed by Chevron U.