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any of a series of univalent groups of the general formula CnH2n+1 derived from aliphatic hydrocarbons

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[ClickPress, Wed Sep 04 2019] Fact.MR has updated its widely cited report on alkyl polyglucoside market.
The study finds that the alkyl polyglucoside sales closed in on 490 thousand tons in 2018, and are estimated to record a Y-o-Y growth at nearly 7.5% in 2019.
For alkyl-substituted carbamide derivatives, this means that the accuracy of the predictive calculation of combustion enthalpies depends on the ratio of nitro groups and alkyl groups in the formula of combustible substance.
To graft alkyl chains to the neat GNPs, 0.3 g of the neat GNPs was added to an alkylamine/methanol solution (0.1 M, 50 mL) and the solution was stirred at room temperature for 4 h [9,35].
Keeping all other units fixed and varying the alkyl group (R) from C[H.sub.3] to [C.sub.6][H.sub.13], we elucidated the effect of the different alkyl chain on the geometric, electronic, and optical properties of such dye for their use as sensitizers in solar cells.
Alkyl glucosides are derived from coconut, palm, or rapeseed oil with glucose supplied by corn, wheat starch, or potatoes.
Applications of viologens [1] cannot be limited to its short alkyl group substituents.
One such type of surfactant is alkyl polyglucoside (APG).
However, these properties can be changed by attaching alkyl chains to the pi-conjugated molecules (alkyl chains have a backbone of carbon atoms, but can vary in length and branching structure).
San Francisco, CA, August 02, 2014 --( The global market for linear alkyl benzene (LAB) is expected to reach USD 9.27 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.
As a subsequent research work, now, we have prepared new binary organogels composed of aminoazobenzene derivatives and alkyloxybenzoic acids with different lengths of alkyl chains.
The aim of this study was adding new results about the antifungal activity in vitro of 14 alkyl gallates against important pathogenic fungi, mainly, Candida parapsilosis, C.
One of the challenges was that without alkyl side chains, the tellurium-bearing ring is very unstable.