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a durable synthetic resin widely used in adhesives and paints


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Most likely, alkyd resins and alkyd resin-based paints will also remain of utmost importance for the decorative coatings industry.
Understanding the impacts of fatty acid selection and type for construction of sucrose polyesters will enable researchers to unlock the potential of sucrose polyesters as alkyd resin modifiers.
DMPA is used in water soluble alkyd resins and polyester resins for improved hydrolytic stability, minimal coupling solvent.
For comparison, the alkyd resin which does not contain depolymerization product, called as "reference alkyd," was also prepared using ethylene glycol.
To overcome this drawback, long drying oil alkyd resin was added to the mixture to stop the cracking of the film.
In an experiment, an alkyd conversion varnish had part of the alkyd resin replaced with an acrylic resin at 0% (control), 10%, 20%, and 30% on resin solids.
Polyols prepared from palm oil were reacted with carboxy-functional acrylic copolymer instead of di-or polybasic acids to produce acrylic alkyd resin.
The effects of film thickness on the drying of all alkyd resin based paints can be directly monitored by ratioing the intensity of the carbonyl bank at [1735cm.
Yuen Liang can provide its customers with not only an alkyd resin replacement, but also other expensive materials like linseed oil.
In present study, we investigated the use of hydrolysis products of waste PET in alkyd resin synthesis for the first time.
A soy-based long-oil alkyd resin; a soy-based high-solids, long-oil alkyd resin; and a linseed-based, high-solids long-oil alkyd resin were evaluated in combination with the new reactive diluent at weight percentages ranging from 10% to 50%.
1) The reaction mechanism for synthesizing an alkyd resin via the monoglyceride process is given in Figure 1.
Coating overhaul of the balustrades bay window, alkyd resin.
The study also includes the forecast of resins in the global coating industry through 2019 by value ($M) and by volume (kt), segmented by regions, applications, and by chemical product types as follows: Resins in the global coating industry segmented by regions: - North America - Europe - Asia Pacific - Rest of the World Resins in the global coating industry segmented by applications: - Architecture/Decorative Coating Resins - Industrial Coating Resins Resins in the global coating industry segmented by chemical product types: - Acrylic Resin - Alkyd Resin - Polyester Resin - Epoxy Resin - Polyurethane Resin - Others On the basis of its comprehensive research, Lucintel forecasts that majority of the segments for resins in the global coating industry will have good growth during 2014-2019.
A second strategy for alkyd resin suppliers was to develop hybrid products with other resin types--particularly acrylics in the early development stages.