alkyd resin

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a durable synthetic resin widely used in adhesives and paints


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The use of AHP instead of EG for synthesis of alkyd resin has improved drying property of alkyd resin film.
Polyols prepared from palm oil were reacted with carboxy-functional acrylic copolymer instead of di-or polybasic acids to produce acrylic alkyd resin.
Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was carried out by Linsesis STA PT 1750 model apparatus under air at a rate of 10[degrees]C min-1 with about 20 mg of alkyd resin samples.
Formulations were performed, both with and without metal driers, to determine reactive diluent influence on the alkyd resin system in terms of viscosity, dry time, and film properties.
In these tests, we chose a simple, clear alkyd formula based on a long-oil alkyd resin and used a drier package consisting of 0.
1]) of the free standing alkyd resin film were resolved by the following equations (14):
Dienes such as 4,7-heptadiene, (9) 3,6-nonadiene, (10) and 2,5-undecadiene, (11) as well as methyl and ethyl esters of the unsaturated fatty acids linoleic, linolenic, and ricinoleic acid, (12-15) have been used as model compounds for alkyd resin precursors.
We generated by means of the GA-ANN algorithm 9 formulas for high-solids alkyd enamels containing both the alkyd resin and the enamels coating compositions; since all alkyd formulas.
Painted ceilings and walls 24 400 m 2 dispersion silicate paint, 10 000 m 2 pure acrylate, 1 500 m 2 PUR, painting steel stairway railing 670 m 2 alkyd resin, 50 doors synthetic resin lacquer, 1 200 m 2 floor coating epoxy resin.
A solution is to substitute some of the alkyd resin with a hydroxyl functional, high [T.
Most likely, alkyd resins and alkyd resin-based paints will also remain of utmost importance for the decorative coatings industry.
The durable enamel of the economy topcoats is formulated from premium quality, acrylic modified, alkyd resin.
In the study on fatty acid composition of tobacco seed oil; the drying, hardness, and adhesion properties of tobacco seed oil derived alkyd resin have been found superior to those of other alkyd resins of the same oil length [27], In order to enhance the quality of alkyd resins, methyl esters of rubber seed oil have been used in the preparation of the resins [28].