alkyd resin

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a durable synthetic resin widely used in adhesives and paints


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Samples of Beckosol [R] 10-060 (soy-based, long-oil alkyd resin) and Beckosol 10-539 (high-solid, long-oil alkyd resin) were provided by Reichhold.
Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was carried out by Linsesis STA PT 1750 model apparatus under air at a rate of 10[degrees]C min-1 with about 20 mg of alkyd resin samples.
Dienes such as 4,7-heptadiene, (9) 3,6-nonadiene, (10) and 2,5-undecadiene, (11) as well as methyl and ethyl esters of the unsaturated fatty acids linoleic, linolenic, and ricinoleic acid, (12-15) have been used as model compounds for alkyd resin precursors.
Prior to coating with alkyd resin, the diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance of the free standing HDPE films were measured and denoted as [R.sub.2] and [T.sub.2], respectively.
In these tests, we chose a simple, clear alkyd formula based on a long-oil alkyd resin and used a drier package consisting of 0.04% cobalt and 0.1% calcium metal based on resin solids.
The effectiveness of the Fe/AsA6p system as a drying catalyst was tested in a high gloss white paint based on Setal 16 LV WS-70 (linseed fatty acid-based alkyd resin) and good results were ontained.
Of these, the construction sector is predicted to have the maximum share in the market over the estimated period owing to innumerable end-use applications of alkyd resin, UPR and PVC in various products.
The data in Figures 3 and 4 was obtained using alkyd resin samples cooked to the molecular weight required for achieving a constant paint viscosity (80 KU) over a distribution of paint VOCs.
Launched were types of products such as wieldable inorganic zinc ethyl silicate, epoxy, epoxy zinc rich, epoxy zinc phosphate, epoxy red oxide, alkyd resin, epoxy MIO, epoxy aluminum, epoxy glass fake, epoxy modified, silicon acrylic, silicon, corrosion under insulation, alkyd resin, polyurethane, and flourocarbon.
After single window system approvals from the government, the company started a metallic can factory at Street 42 in Old Industrial Area and the other factories in New Industrial Area producing all protective and industrial coatings, white spirit, alkyd resin, polyester resin and emulsion.
The durable enamel of the economy topcoats is formulated from premium quality, acrylic modified, alkyd resin. Tufcote LV HG high gloss and Tufcote LV ST satin gloss acrylic alkyd topcoats are intended for use on areas subjected to hard use and where dry and recoat times are flexible.
Alkyd resin is one of the most popular components for waterborne coating systems [43], and most types of modified alkyds can be turned into water reducible form [19].