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a durable synthetic resin widely used in adhesives and paints


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With the addition of Interstores Alkyd Primer, the Interstores range is now fully equipped to meet the full spectrum of onboard maintenance requirements.
The new Tufcote series of acrylic alkyd and VT alkyd products will be yet another cost-effective solution that adds value for our customers who require an economy industrial coating.
As a result, it is common to find sailors over-coating aged silicone alkyds with fresh silicone alkyd (Figure 1b), thereby perpetuating a cycle of topside painting and increased maintenance costs to the Navy.
Alkyd resins can be modified with many other resins or chemicals, and these modifications affect the final properties of the alkyd resins [8].
Diminution trend in gloss value, ex-corporation of inhibitors on the coating surface plus depletion of morphological features witnessed through SEM micrographs and curtailment of ester linkage signals in FTIR spectrum, concluded that an insignificant protection offered by the alkyd triplex coating due to its permeability upon weathering which led to ex-capsulation of inhibitors under moist conditions.
Keywords HS alkyd coatings, Driers, FTIR, Rheology, EIS
A generation ago, an experienced painter's first choice for achieving a super-smooth surface on cabinets and trim would have been an oil-based alkyd paint, not a water-based acrylic latex.
Yuen Liang can provide its customers with not only an alkyd resin replacement, but also other expensive materials like linseed oil.
1) If you use an alkyd trim paint, use a product you have found to be a low-yellowing paint.
Combined fractions 4-12 afforded the alkyd resin, which was further subjected to PTLC.
Looking closely at data obtained from the laboratory test in comparison with natural weathering revealed that the highest deviations were related to alkyd samples that were tested after 48 hours of air drying in the laboratory and to Coating 14 (polyurethane, water-based) samples that performed very well during the first 2 years, after which surface erosion of the coating caused a significant increase both in leaching and water-uptake results.
In particular, air-drying solventborne alkyd paints need to meet increasingly stringent emission limits and often must be reformulated with suitable exempt solvents or reactive diluents to achieve volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction.
Most aging steel bridges are covered with one of two types of coating systems: (1) a two-coat system with an alkyd primer and topcoat (both coats could contain lead or just the prime coat) and (2) a two-coat system with an inorganic zinc (IOZ)-rich primer and a vinyl topcoat.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-4 September 2006-DSM Coating Resins discontinues long alkyd production in Sweden(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Hexion produces and sells a range of thermosetting and specialty resins, including rosin resins, hydrocarbon resins, rosin-hydrocarbon hybrid resins ("hybrid resins"), alkyd resins, acrylic dispersions and others.