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a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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INGREDIENTS WT% Xalifin 15 (PEG-8 C12-C20 alky ester) 3.
Charlize Theron - with what might be a career best performance - is Mavis Gary, the movie's anti-heroine, an unhappy alky writing teen fiction.
6, with the proviso that the value of a +b +c is equal to one, wherein R is an alky l group containing from one to eight carbon atoms and R is propyl; (ii) 10-50% by weight of an acrylic resin based on the total weight of the architectural coating composition; (iii) 20 -80% by weight of a carrier based on the total weight of the architectural coating composition.
Downstream clients can obtain turnkey ESPA(TM) systems for virtually every unit and utility process in a refinery, including Aromatics, HF Alky, Delayed Coker, FCCU, Platformers, Sat Gas, BTX/Udex, Hydrotreaters, Unibon, C4, Crude/Vacuum, Cumene, Hydrar, SRU, MTBE, Amine/SWS Stripper, Unicracking, Cat Reformer, Isomerization, Startup/Shutdown systems, Steam, Fuel Gas, and Hydrogen Systems.
ALKY MACKAY has turned up the promotion heat on West Ham's stars by claiming he knows all about the promotion pressure they're under.
The higher mobility of the polymer segments might be caused by the long alky chains on the clay surface which can act as the plasticizer increasing the free volume between the polymer chains.
Recovering alky CLEAN for the Queen day - aye, right.
Alky Lauren, because her alleged best friend was slipping between the sheets with her dad Max.
ALKY Mackay has confirmed Cardiff City are ready to strengthen their Championship squad with the loan window having opened.
Our local tramp - Malky the Alky - walks the streets all day in a flea-bitten coat and an old pair of slippers.
Chain-smoking Alky Boy's irresistibility to all women is about as believable as the smouldering animal magnetism of short, fat, bald Albert Square thug Phil Mitchell.
Is this why you never see alky street-dwellers in divorce courts?
ALKY MACKAY has insisted he's not worried about the ex-factor as Cardiff City get set to face two former strikers at Elland Road.
Becoming an alky on Baileys, nearly drowning as a kid, captaining Rangers.