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a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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To purge the last moisture out of the Placid refinery's alky unit after it had been cleaned, Praxair pumped hot nitrogen through the system.
Philadelphia shuts alky unit NEW YORK: Philadelphia Energy Solutions reported the shutdown of no 869 alkylation unit for repairing a block valve at the Point Breeze section of its 335,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) refinery in Philadelphia, according to a filing with state regulators.
Becoming an alky on Baileys, nearly drowning as a kid, captaining Rangers.
560 Carbopol ETD 2020 (Noveon) (Acrylates/C10-30 alky 0.
ALKY MACKAY has insisted the debt deals behind the scenes at Cardiff City won't affect his transfer budget either way.
Charlize Theron - with what might be a career best performance - is Mavis Gary, the movie's anti-heroine, an unhappy alky writing teen fiction.
is renowned for their expertise in Alky Units, Heat Exchangers and General Turnaround Work.
Those stoned boys went to Maui or Eureka or Washington "I saw Hanford I saw John" You'd hear every once in a while about someone A stoned or alky surfer long gone; My brother's friend said, "I want to feel like I matter somewhere - a small town" He went North He went to Eureka Shasta Oregon All those people gone The hometown a completely different place - Now you can shop like you're in Paris, New York, Milan It's like that: rich and fun.
As the Alky of Albert Square, Steve McFadden is having a ripe old time, with a complexion like a tomato omelette, swigging vodka during GMTV time, causing even the case-hardened Mitchells to pass the aspirin.
This is quite an accomplishment by anyone's standards," says ExxonMobil's Kevin Teel, Daily Planner for the Alky and Utilities Units of its Torrance, California, refinery.
Nearly two million more viewers preferred tragic Tina's hilarious funeral as alky Peter and secret killer Rob traded blows at the graveside.
Ex-Celts considering a return include Peroni Glavin, Alfie Cognac, Lex Bailey's, Saki McNamara, Owen Archreekin' and Alky Mackay.
The units were brought down to take care of an issue that arose in the alky unit after the last repair, spokesman Bill Day said in an email.
ALKY MACKAY has ended speculation surrounding him and the Norwich managerial vacancy by vowing to see the job through at Cardiff City.