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a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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Go back and get a new one--because alkies have this very slick trick of switching out their beverage accidentally on purpose.
They're just like alkies, or chain-smokers or food freaks, only worse.
They are seen as junkies or alkies and all things derogatory.
FORGET, for a moment, the cliched images of hopeless alkies being given sobering advice - because there are times when drink IS the answer.
They end up mad alkies and wanting to fight and get in trouble.
Cadoxton Alkies have repeatedly thrown away the chance to win Wednesday Division One and did so again when they slumped to 5-0 defeat against British Gas.
In an early, memorable scene, the boys jam into the Catalina Bar and Grill to see cult jazz singer Jimmy Scott who, in his hauntingly pure, high voice, delivers a riveting rendition of "Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child"; later, doing some daytime drinking, Jim is told by one of the tottering barroom alkies, "You've got the bourgeois blues"; when one of their old buddies hits town with a car, the guys head for the beach for some macho horsing around, and one night they worm their way into an after-hours dive to gamble and hang with some old black dudes and a couple of hookers.
If the junkies have their methadone and the alkies their new livers, why deny the fat ones their surgery?
There were no surprises in Division One, with Culver Rovers and Cadoxton Alkies still battling it out for the title.
Too right they should and I'd put the fatties right at the top of that list because their refusal to do anything about their weight currently costs the health service TWICE as much as that spent on alkies and druggies.
Convincing wins for Culver Rovers and Cadoxton Alkies see little change at the top of Wednesday Division One, while bottom side The Quins picked up a handy point against Baybridge.
There is also clear evidence that the sooner the children are removed, permanently, the better chance they have not only of living a happier, safer life but of not becoming deadbeat druggies or alkies themselves.
Why are ill people like me punished when junkies and alkies get everything?
Kids not old enough to go in pubs, aggressive louts, sad old alkies and young toffs on their way heowm.