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a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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Go back and get a new one--because alkies have this very slick trick of switching out their beverage accidentally on purpose.
In a weathered house in Maine, four mismatched brothers drunkenly pick at old wounds with the dedication of luckless alkies in a Eugene O'Neill play while their mother lies upstairs dying.
They're just like alkies, or chain-smokers or food freaks, only worse.
Two were alkies. One faked his own funeral, and Grant, left, (bring him back!) did a runner after driving into the Thames.
They are seen as junkies or alkies and all things derogatory.
FORGET, for a moment, the cliched images of hopeless alkies being given sobering advice - because there are times when drink IS the answer.
Instead, they pounced on a cynically skewed view of a Scotland they understand - a drug-addled hell full of benefit scroungers and alkies - faster than you can say social welfare.
(4) WHY do they print the words "enjoy responsibly" on the side of Tennant's Super cans when the only people buying the stuff are tramps and alkies?
Cadoxton Alkies have repeatedly thrown away the chance to win Wednesday Division One and did so again when they slumped to 5-0 defeat against British Gas.
They end up mad alkies and wanting to fight and get in trouble.
There were no surprises in Division One, with Culver Rovers and Cadoxton Alkies still battling it out for the title.
"The place was overrun with junkies and alkies. They terrified me.
If the junkies have their methadone and the alkies their new livers, why deny the fat ones their surgery?
Convincing wins for Culver Rovers and Cadoxton Alkies see little change at the top of Wednesday Division One, while bottom side The Quins picked up a handy point against Baybridge.