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Synonyms for alkanet

perennial or biennial herb cultivated for its delicate usually blue flowers

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Whole family of forget-me-nots Alkanna - Alkanet with herbal / medicinal properties and as a dye plant.
Gary McLardy found blooming bluebells, hedge garlic, Danish scurvy grass and green alkanet in Formby earlier this month.
To name but a few, alkanet, vipers bugloss, hounds tongue, borage, comfrey, lungwort and heliotrope are all close relatives of the common forget-me-not, often having very hairy, almost prickly leaves and white, blue and red flat or tubular flowers that are loved by bees.
Orange tips, green veined whites and small tortoiseshells fluttered around the track, where long swathes of green alkanet had burst into blue flowers.
I make up a `red ointment' using alkanet root, which has an anti- viral action which is very successful at treating actual outbreaks.