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These substances give Alkanet an expectorant action and while the plant is not as popular with herbalists as it once was it is still used to treat coughs, colds bronchitis and other chest and throat infections.
But if you're going to do that I recommend holding off until you get the alkanet oil and some linseed oil into the wood first.
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Color it with alkanet [a red dye] and garnish it with pomegranate seeds on top; serve it forth.) (30) On fol.
Gary McLardy found blooming bluebells, hedge garlic, Danish scurvy grass and green alkanet in Formby earlier this month.
Anchusine, a scarlet coloring agent, is obtained from the roots of the herbaceous perennial dyer's alkanet (Alkanna lehmannii [=A.
The varnish blend I have is hard and really made for the alkanet.
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Summary: A natural dye extracted from the roots of alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria) was applied on cotton fabric by pad-steam dyeing technique.
To name but a few, alkanet, vipers bugloss, hounds tongue, borage, comfrey, lungwort and heliotrope are all close relatives of the common forget-me-not, often having very hairy, almost prickly leaves and white, blue and red flat or tubular flowers that are loved by bees.
Orange tips, green veined whites and small tortoiseshells fluttered around the track, where long swathes of green alkanet had burst into blue flowers.
I make up a `red ointment' using alkanet root, which has an anti- viral action which is very successful at treating actual outbreaks.
I sought answers in the gunsmith area and a gentleman was kind enough to tell me it was certainly alkanet root but had no idea where to obtain some.
PLANT of the week COMMON BUGLOSS OR ALKANET Anchusa officinalis The bright sapphire blue flowers of alkanet catch my eye every day in the garden.
Master Trading is operating since 2002 and are Processor Exporter of herbs botanicals spices seeds plant based raw material such as dry licorice roots licorice crushed powder licorice sticks dry rose flower dry rose petals dry red chili whole ajwain seed dill seed costus roots alkanet roots sesame seed soapwort roots essential oil Gum Benjamin jawy ( Abu basha / Abu Farasha grades sandal powder Musk amber jamid etc.