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a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

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Managing partner of BBIP adviser BBIP LLP, Rob Gregor, said it was attracted to the flexibility and diversification of generation provided by the independent power platform of Alkane.
At lower temperatures the clearly defined components (match quality > 80%) included mainly alkanes, oxygen-containing compounds and some heteroatomic compounds.
Validation of the alkane technique to estimate diet selection of goats grazing heather-gorse vegetation communities.
This equation allows the calculation of the mass transfer coefficient for the two alkanes (isooctane and cyclohexane) with suitable results, although these alkanes have different physical properties.
The Government is particularly interested in helping produce methane (no, not another joke) and over the medium to long term this should help Alkane.
RESULTS: We found that 24-hr transition metals and alkanes were associated with increased odds [0.
The second group, of increasing average molecular weight, with an ever-increasing proportion of slightly branched chain or "iso alkane" hydrocarbons, is the so-called intermediate wax group, where carbon numbers of the components can range from the low 20s to the upper 50s, and where the `normal' or alkane hydrocarbon reduces progressively with increasing average molecular weight from about 70% to about 30% of the whole.
Alkane taps coal mine methane (CMM) and converts it into electricity, leading to a significant reduction in the gas's negative impacts on climate change but the Government does not recognise this process as a renewable source of energy.
Dr Davies said he was very pleased by the progress Alkane has made during 2003 towards achieving the goals set out in the company's revised strategy.
Monster Diesel[TM] is the first of many 'green' products Alkane is developing and bringing to market.
Alkane Energy, commercial producer of coal mine methane, has won its first international project with work in Germany.
Alkane Energy has embedded proposals to drill for methane behind Mossfield Road Industrial Estate in Adderley Green.
Alkane Energy PLC Wednesday said it has won a first set of demand-side balancing contracts for the 2014-15 winter season from National Grid PLC, providing a new revenue stream for the company.
Asemblon makes the world's highest purity alkane thiol compounds for use in self-assembled monolayers, or "SAMs.
The tried and tested plasticizer Mesamoll is a saponification-resistant ester of alkane sulfonic acid which is particularly compatible with a variety of polymers such as rubber, PU and PVC, according to the company.