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20 Anti-ulcer activity of alkaloidal fraction obtained from ethanol extract of leaves against diclofenac sodium-induced gastric erosions in Long Evans rats (Paul, R.
Effects of intrauterine exposure to alkaloidal cocaine ('crack').
A Cohort Study of Alkaloidal Cocaine ("Crack") in Pregnancy.
In this communication, we present a comparative study of the leishmanicidal activity of the crude ethanolic extract, its fractions and also the two major alkaloidal metabolites (-)-cassine/(-)-spectaline, trying to establish a relationship between the presence of piperidine alkaloidal constituents and leishmanicidal activity.
Ontogeny and cytochemistry of alkaloidal vesicles in laticifers of Papaver somniferum, American Jour.
Anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-plasmodial, and cytotoxic activities have been reported for the root bark alkaloidal extract of the plant Albertisia villosa and an isolated bisbenzylisoquinoline--cycleanine, which validates its traditional use in Congolese medicine for treatment of malaria and other infectious diseases (Lohombo-Ekomba, M.
divaricata as well as its potential therapeutic benefits especially of the alkaloidal and non-alkaloidal constituents.
Anti-inflammatory Activities of Methanolic Extract and Alkaloidal Components from Corydalis Tuber, Biol.
Plant antitumor agents-1, the isolation and structure of camptothecin, a novel alkaloidal leukemia and tumor inhibitor from Camptotheca acuminata.
Therefore, AChE inhibition of the whole alkaloidal extract was investigated.
The present study was designated to evaluate semi-quantitative antileishmanial activity of alkaloidal extracts that were obtained from 1 g of different parts of Aspidosperma ramiflorum (leaves, roots, seeds, and stem barks).
Reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography simultaneous determination alkaloidal contents of Zuojin wan.
In a preliminary screening, alkaloidal extract of the stem bark of H.