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Sodium based alkalizer: Sodium Bicarbonate and sodium carbonate are the two major sodium based alkalizers.
It contains water; a catalyst of water soluble metal salt selected from the group consisting of manganese sulfate and manganese chloride; etidronic acid (1-hydroxyethane-1, 1-diphosphonic acid) as a chelating agent and color deposition enhancer; oxidation primary dye intermediates; 1,2,4-benzenetriol; oxidation dye couplers; dye antioxidants and stabilizers; optionally a water soluble surfactant and a water soluble anionic polymer; a water soluble solvent system selected from the group consisting of isopropanol and isopropyl acetate, or ethanol and ethyl acetate; and an alkalizer.
Treatment of the environment includes the use of imported sand backfill treated with lime as alkalizer to inhibit bacterial attack.
Oral and systemic alkalizer are essential with proper nutritive recommendations.
Use of alkali or buffer as Sodium or Potassium bicarbonate is recommended (Erdman et al., 1988) and oral or parental use of alkalizers like Sodium bicarbonate has been useful in correction of rumen acidosis (Prasad and Rekib, 1975).