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turn basic and less acidic

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Dutch-processed cocoa powder (also called Dutched and alkalized) is darker in color than the regular variety and has a milder flavor.
[Zn.sup.2+] released from pristine and alkalized ZnO NPs was quantified by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES).
At high pH values of soil N concentrations decreased sharply and thus N deficiency may be a serious growth-limiting factor for trees in the alkalized area.
Among the specific ingredients under attack by CSPI include alkalized cocoa, corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil.
Renowned water expert, Arthur Johnson, who left an executive training position with his former company to join Vollara stated, "This new unit not only changes the water ionization game, it truly gives Vollara what people in the industry would call an unfair competitive advantage." Johnson, who was among the first water experts to introduce alkalized, ionized water in the United States continued, "before the New LivingWater unit, this high-level of effective water technology had not been available anywhere in the world for less than $4,000." The New LivingWater unit retails for only $1,999 and is available to purchase through authorized Vollara Distributors.
And how is alkalized water supposed to accomplish these miracles?
Alkalized cocoa had a significantly lower phenolic content and antioxidant activity than did the natural cocoa.
Hybrid composites with glass fiber mat at the top and the bottom, and hemp fibers in the middle are manufactured with untreated, acetylated, and alkalized hemp fibers separately using RTM.
The aim of this study was to ascertain of responses of black spruce to alkalized environment and to estimate the suitability of black spruce in industrial regions in Northeast Estonia.
This cocoa pregrinder uses impact and shear forces to transform alkalized and non alkalized nibs into preground cocoa liquor of satisfactory fineness.
(But note that alkalized cocoa, also known as Dutch cocoa, is low.) Next highest is unsweetened baking chocolate, followed by dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Called Sol Lecithinated Cocoa Powders, these are produced from cocoa powders which have been alkalized to various degrees and made easily dispersible and soluble through lecithinization to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers.