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turn basic and less acidic

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The pigments participating in photosynthesis showed a significantly lower concentration in needles in the alkalized sample plots than in the control plot.
Of course, the promoters of ionized alkalized water have an answer to that too.
In the alkalized cocoa and chocolate samples, there were more gallocatechins and fewer procyanidins.
The dispersive component of untreated, alkalized, and acetylated hemp fibers was calculated from plots of RTln([V.
Lotte's liquor products include: Cheoeumcheoreom, the world's first alkalized soju with natural minerals; Chungha, which helps to reveal food's true taste; Baekhwasubok, which has been produced for 65 years; Seoljungmae Plus, which has the largest share in the premium wine market; and Majuang, which is the pride of Korean wines.
The aim of this study was to ascertain of responses of black spruce to alkalized environment and to estimate the suitability of black spruce in industrial regions in Northeast Estonia.
Dutch-process cocoa has a deep, dark color and is alkalized to remove the natural acidity of the cocoa, yielding a mellower flavor than natural cocoa.
Called Sol Lecithinated Cocoa Powders, these are produced from cocoa powders which have been alkalized to various degrees and made easily dispersible and soluble through lecithinization to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers.
Usually, the best options for high flavanol content are dark chocolate that doesn't list sugar as the first ingredient and unsweetened 100 percent cocoa powder that hasn't been alkalized (in other words, Dutch processed).
3 tablespoons alkalized (Dutch process) cocoa powder, sifted after measuring
For more than 20 years Goodgold has been lecturing around the country about the benefits of drinking highly alkalized, high-ph balanced, ionized water and the extraordinary health benefits proven to be derived when drinking this electrically charged, highly purified water through his easily adaptable system.
In addition we will bottle our high alkalized pH water in BPA free one gallon size containers by the summer of 2015.
Beyond ophthalmology, our newly licensed urology compound, is a combination of alkalized lidocaine and heparin (lido-hep) that is delivered to the bladder for the treatment of interstitial cystitis, which is also known as painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS).
Patented formulation of alkalized lidocaine and heparin has been prescribed as a compounded drug for individual patients in different dosages in thousands of insurance reimbursed bladder instillation treatments for interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS)
NYBD) a leading distributor of High Alkalized Bottled Water and Organic Apple Juice for Children announced today that the convertible notes held by Asher Enterprises, Inc.