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Synonyms for alkalize

turn basic and less acidic

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Organic, plant-based nutritional supplements manufacturer Amazing Grass, Newport Beach, CA, has launched Alkalize & Detox Green SuperFood, which is specifically designed to help the body achieve ideal pH levels while also ridding it of toxins to allow for optimal function and organ restoration.
"This amino acid Boosts alpha Brain waves that promote relaxed states of concentration and can Boost energy without increased stress levels." Try adding cinnamon to Boost your metabolism, cayenne pepper to heighten energy (and cleanse the Body), dandelion to stimulate Bile production, nettles to increase detoxification, and wild alfalfa to alkalize food residues in the body.
Green vegetable juices help alkalize the body and contain all the minerals and vitamins to build healthy body tissues and help rid your body of toxicity." Weight loss is a secondary function of detoxing.
After 168 hours, all of the pastes presented a similar ability to alkalize the external root surface (Table 4).
To "alkalize the body" one would have to alkalize the blood.
These differences are capitalized upon by alkaline therapy, the administration of substances that either (1) alkalize (raise the pH) of the cell or (2) destroy the acidic components of cellular fluid (cytoplasm).
Carter Little Lever Pills increase the flow of this powerful fluid that helps to alkalize. digest and eliminate your food after it leaves your stomach.