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turn basic and less acidic

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As mentioned earlier, sperm intracellular alkalization is another necessary factor for several physiological responses that are required for fertilization, such as calcium influx into sperm, acrosome reaction, and hyperactivation.
Flagellum of human sperm contains voltagegated proton channel (Hv1), as well, which is responsible for proton exit from the cell and intracellular alkalization (11).
Hypothermia reduces excitatory transmissions, decreases the global cerebral metabolic rate of glucose and oxygen, reduces ATP breakdown, and stimulates glycolysis by intracellular alkalization enhancing energy production [143, 145].
This rough surface not only leads to the increase in interfacial adhesion via mechanical interlocking between RHF and NR but also improves efficiency of other surface treatments applied after alkalization [8, 9].
In vitro studies have revealed the microbial control ability of bioceramics, a property related to the alkalization of the medium due to the release of hydroxyl ions and their diffusion through the dentin.
Ansell, "Chemical modification of hemp, sisal, jute, and kapok fibers by alkalization," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol.
By serving as a channel, Cx43 facilitates the alkalization of proliferating tumor cells in an otherwise acidic environment.
This low potential for alkalization exacerbated in the groups treated with PHO suggests that the biological and therapeutic effects of these cements may be reduced when touched lightly by PHO.
This class is characterized by strongly mineralized water presenting important risk of soil salinization, but with medium risk of alkalization. It is found in the center and the east part of the aquifer (Figure 17).
It reaches the intracellular environment by glucose transporters and promotes the alkalization and subsequent fragmentation of DNA, which is repaired by poly-ADP-ribose polymerase, thus reducing [NAD.sup.+] levels and depleting cellular ATP, causing cell death [42].
Proteolytic bacterial growth is related to mucin precipitation and alkalization of the oral environment.
Presence of a Na+/K+ exchanger in acidocalcisomes of Leishmania donovani and their alkalization by antileishmanial drugs.
Hydration, anti-infection precautions, liver protection, jaundice reduction, gastrointestinal motility promotion, laxatives, urine alkalization, and nutritional support were also administered after treatment.
The fiber and mucilage stimulate salivation, preventing the pH decrease, and the urea promotes alkalization in the rumen due to the ammonia-N produced.