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turn basic and less acidic

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Slices of avocado, cucumber, tomato and alfalfa sprouts take no time to prepare, or whizz up an alkalising protein shake.
Pomegranates are great in alkalising an acidic body, and their antioxidants scavenge the free radicals, plus the added benefit of their high fibre as you chew and swallow up their seeds.
Toxins can make the blood very acidic, so make sure you add lots of salads, vegetables and green juices (made with salad leaves, cucumber, and apple) into your diet, they all have an alkalising effect on the body.
And, according to naturopath Max Tomlinson: "They also have a clever alkalising effect on the body that helps stop the breakdown of cells that make skin sag as well prevent toxin build-up that can lead to cellulite.
NTRR said it plans on experimenting with a range of pure, natural ingredients in order to create a safe, effective alkalising supplement which is designed to promote a healthy immune system.
In addition, the company have installed odour abatement equipment for the alkalising and roasting process, to keep it in line with the latest environmental requirements.
SPINACH Useful for blood-building and alkalising, it is also helpful to detoxification and for the nervous system.
Alkalising or Dutch-processing (you'll see these on chocolate labels) chocolate mellows the bitterness, but reduces the antioxidant potency.
Drink plenty of water, and have a lot of alkalising vegetables and salads.
The practice, thought to be widespread in the US, involves passing an alkalising agent - such as sodium bicarbonate - into a horse's stomach with the aim of reducing the production of lactic acid and so enabling it to run for longer without feeling pain.