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turn basic and less acidic

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It is prepared from a slow-cooked Hominy (alkalised maize kernels) with hand pulled chicken shreds and cabbage.
As well as drinking lots of water - supermodel Miranda Kerr recently revealed drinking only water alkalised by a special filter - core foods include spinach (raw), sprouts, nuts (apart from peanuts and cashews), avocado, broccoli, coldwater fish and olive and linseed oils.
'Chef and My Kitchen Rules' judge Pete Evans became the butt of hundreds of Twitter jokes for his "My Day on a Plate" food diary in which he claimed to start the day with "alkalised water" and "sprouted millet".
"7am: Two glasses of alkalised water with apple cider vinegar, then a smoothie of alkalised water, organic spirulina, activated almonds, maca, blueberries, stevia, coconut keffir and two organic, free-range eggs," quoted Evans as writing.