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turn basic and less acidic

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Patients perceived the following treatments to be effective: opioids, alkalinizing agents, phenazopyridine, amitriptyline, and antihistamines.
The diets for balanced patients have a great deal of flexibility; such patients will at times crave red meat and other acid-forming foods, and at other times desire only salads, citrus, and other more alkalinizing foods.
Specifically, agents that increase gastric pH (eg, proton pump inhibitors) as well as urinary alkalinizing agents (eg, acetazolamide, some thiazide diuretics) increase serum amphetamine concentrations.
To study the effect of microenvironment pH changes on the survival of BCSCs, we conducted a study that modulated the pHe of human BCSCs using the alkalinizing agent sodium bicarbonate (NaHC[O.sub.3]).
An alkalinizing oral rehydration solution containing lecithin-coated citrus fiber is superior to a nonalkalinizing solution in treating 360 calves with naturally acquired diarrhea.
(2015) related this phenomenon to the alkalinizing effect of biochar in soil.
However, alkalinizing the urine may facilitate calcium phosphate deposition in malignant patients with severe hyperphosphatemia [71].
Basic pH solutions convert lidocaine into its active, unionized form and hence, alkalinizing the anesthetic mixture also decreases the time of onset of its effects.8Buffering the anesthetic decreases the usual shelf life; Momsen et al.9 established that the buffered lignocaine- epinephrine was stable for up to 24 hours after preparation.
Biodentine sorption and solubility values were in general intermediating between Master Fill composite (lowest values) and Kemdent GIC restorative material (highest values) (Fig 1) but it the values were higher than the ISO guidelines and this might be attributed to the higher release of free calcium ions, higher alkalinizing capability, and the formation of smaller calcium phosphate deposits.
Alkalinizing the urine to achieve a pH 7.5 (pH strips by DIRUI, Changchun, China) offered us the chance to retrieve some motile spermatozoa for a successful ICSI and most importantly the delivery of healthy twins.
Another measure could be to incorporate buffers, like sodium and potassium bicarbonate, or alkalinizing agents (sodium and potassium carbonate, magnesium oxide) in the diet, with different objectives, because buffers will be able to neutralize ruminal pH changes; meanwhile the second ones will increase the ruminal pH.
In situations of metabolic abnormalities such as citraturia, individuals are often instructed to follow a prophylactic therapeutic regimen of potassium citrate while others have suggested utilising alkalinizing substitutes while hydrating such as lemonade.
Its use eliminates the employment of alkalinizing agents (such as lime or soda), does not add metals to the process and reduces the volume of sludge to be disposed.