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turn basic and less acidic

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This study includes comparison between lignocaine (2%) and lignocaine (2%)--bupivacaine (5%) combination with their respective alkalinized forms to see--
After incubation, 300 mL medium from each alkalinized and non-alkalinized BCSC culture was collected in a test tube for pH measurement.
Intravesical lidocaine is better absorbed from the human bladder when alkalinized with sodium bicarbonate.
They also pointed to the antimicrobial activity of ammonia-containing byproducts of the maggots' digestion of tissue proteins and the resulting alkalinized wound bed [1, 34, 35].
Eluted top, 6 cm alumina, 2 cm with 3 mL methanol, 1 silica, 5 cm 3 mL DCM, and 3 mL alkalinized silica, 2 cm hexane.
In many inland areas such as northeastern China, alkalinized meadow covers more than 70% of the land area and is expanding.
It is relevant to notice that the sperm of the sea urchin are motionless when inside the gonads, only when they get in contact with saline is the motion activated as the intracellular pH is alkalinized and the ATPase, enzyme that promotes the mobility of zygotes in response to the mitochondrial respiration, is activated.
Although there is a lot of promotional material on alkalinized water, very little information is available on the validity of separating the two electrodes to collect water from the anode and cathode separately.
Comparing two methods of leaching the salty and alkalinized soils located in Roodasht, Isfahan.
Urine does not need to be alkalinized. In fact acidifying measures can be taken.
The dried pulverized stem barks (1.1 kg) were alkalinized with 6% [NH.sub.4]OH (approximately 250 ml) and extracted with [CHC1.sub.3] in a Soxhlet apparatus.
While on the study's high protein diet, the potassium bicarbonate, or alkalinized, group--when compared to the placebo group--had reduced urinary nitrogen excretion.