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turn basic and less acidic

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After incubation, 300 mL medium from each alkalinized and non-alkalinized BCSC culture was collected in a test tube for pH measurement.
Intravesical lidocaine is better absorbed from the human bladder when alkalinized with sodium bicarbonate.
After this period, we removed the card, and still under the UV light, we checked for any fluorescence modification on the alkalinized spot.
Although there is a lot of promotional material on alkalinized water, very little information is available on the validity of separating the two electrodes to collect water from the anode and cathode separately.
Comparing two methods of leaching the salty and alkalinized soils located in Roodasht, Isfahan.
The alkalinized group also had higher levels of IGF-1, a marker of both muscle and bone conservation, and of calcium absorption--a marker of bone conservation--on both protein diets compared to the placebo group.
When roselle extract mordanted with potassium alum, alkalinized with ammonia was applied on the testicular section and counterstained with eosin (Fig.
For a book describing the demise of a forest tree, that described use of its dead snags as pulpwood, and that presents the progress and promise of re-establishing the species in the forest, the book is appropriately printed on 100% recycled paper but alkalinized for permanence.
Two different formulations of alkalinized lidocaine appear to reduce bladder pain, but one of those forms seems to cause urethral pain on voiding.
Sections were cut, stained (semithin sections stained with alkalinized toluidine blue and ultrathin sections with uranyl acetate and lead citrate), and examined using a light microscope or a JEOL 1200 EX electron microscope.
When the correct needle position was achieved, 30mL of 1% alkalinized lignocaine with 1:200,000 epinephrine was injected over 30 seconds after negative aspiration for blood before each injection.
It has been estimated that about 932 million hectares global land have been salinized and alkalinized (Rao et al.
The aqueous layer was collected and alkalinized (pH-10) with 5M NaOH and extracted again with xylene.