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Synonyms for alkalinize

become alkaline

make (a substance) alkaline

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He was aggressively hydrated intravenously and bicarbonate was added to his fluids to alkalinize his urine.
2 mg and the urine remains positive for blood, a renal sonogram is obtained and the child is started on bicitra or polycitra K powder 2 meq/kg to alkalinize the urine.
It has to be well absorbed, and it needs to alkalinize your system.
Patients receiving the methotrexate-based regimen also receive sodium bicarbonate as part of their intravenous hydration, to alkalinize the urine.
Adding a twist of lemon or lime helps alkalinize the body, often improving uptake of water into cells.
Lemon and lime juice are an excellent source of citrate, and they alkalinize urine.