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turn basic and less acidic

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It was found that alkalinization of local anaesthetic solutions produces a more profound sensory block in the L5-S1 segments, improving the quality and symmetry of block that were produced, problems of missed segments and unilateral blocks were not seen.
Like the sudden alkalinization of the EPF, the DIC dynamics hint to bursts of calcification.
Urine alkalinization to promote uric acid excretion is no longer recommended because of a lack of clear efficacy and the potential for precipitating xanthine and calcium phosphate in the renal tubules.
Going vegan or alkalinizing your body may help, but once a cancer is well established--if it's big enough to be diagnosed, it's well established--the effects of alkalinization, though real, are not dramatic.
Data showed 37 percent of the drainage area in contiguous U.S. saw a large increase in salinity, while alkalinization went up by 90 percent.
Dabb et al., "Comparison of enteral and parenteral methods of urine alkalinization in patients receiving high-dose methotrexate," Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice, vol.
The alkalinization of the medium and release of calcium ions are related to the formation of portlandite (calcium hydroxide) by tricalcium silicate and dicalcium silicate during the setting time of MTA.
Mayer, "Severe lactic acidosis complicating metformin overdose successfully treated with high-volume venovenous hemofiltration and aggressive alkalinization," Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, vol.
In this context, changes in membrane potential [9-11] and transient intracellular alkalinization [12-15] represent early hallmarks of PMN activation by fMLP or phorbol myristate acetate (PMA).
Hp colonization of gastric mucosa alters this gastric habitat by deconstructing the mucous layer and by alkalinization of gastric juice [22].
Titratable total acidity (% citric acid) was performed by alkalinization to pH 8.1, pH measured at 20 [degrees]C in potentiometer and the total soluble solids content by refractometry at 20 [degrees]C in a manual refractometer (0 [degrees]--38 [degrees]) (Instituto Adolfo Lutz, 2008).
(2017), who reported that in addition to the economic aspects of dosing NaHC[O.sub.3] and NaOH as alkalizing agents for sugarcane vinasse, some environmental implications of the alkalinization process should be considered, in particular regarding to the role of sodium ions ([Na.sup.+]) in soils ferti-irrigated with bio-digested vinasse, because the [Na.sup.+] ions act as highly dispersive agents, when hydrated, by disrupting the stable aggregates of the soil, which may drastically reduce water infiltration due to clogging.
Successful rescue by LCV depends on rapid elimination of methotrexate by the kidneys, which requires aggressive pretreatment as well as posttreatment hydration and urinary alkalinization. [5] Hypersensitivity reaction to LCV has been previously reported in patients receiving treatment for colorectal cancer.
The activity of this transporter increases during hypoxia and leads to intracellular alkalinization in the pulmonary smooth muscle cells.