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pH values above 7

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The Fritz RPM Calcium/Buffer System and Fritz RPM Magnesium allows aquarists to maintain a marine aquarium's calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels.
However, it became evident the importance of using buffering agents in anaerobic biodegradability tests, evaluation of methane potential (BMP) among other similar ones, to guarantee the maintenance of satisfactory environmental conditions of pH and alkalinity and, consequently, the equilibrium and subsistence of various populations of microorganisms present in the anaerobic sludges and responsible for the conversion of complex organic material into methane.
This study showed that the lowest biomass production and chlorosis with Alkalinity+0 mM K treatment, which indicates that the absence of K+ partially intensified the effect of alkalinity on reducing the growth of Swiss chard.
Moreover, the results of total hardness, alkalinity, chloride (Cl), potassium (k) and sodium (Na) were ranged between 88-461 mg/L(mean: 232.37 mg/L), 91-280 mg/L(mean: 163.31 mg/L), 8.193-527.85 mg/L(mean: 117.171 mg/L), 1.00-8.00 ppm (mean: 2.45 ppm) and 5.00-28.00 ppm (mean: 10.54 ppm) respectively.
The factors like temperature, pH, TDS, DO, EC, salinity, and alkalinity were determined in the field with the help of multi parameters Analyzer Model no C6030 For subsequent studies water samples were collected in 4-liter plastic cans.
The primer also offers resistance to high alkalinity levels up to pH 14.
Various physicochemical factors such as water temperature, alkalinity, ammonia, free carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH and total hardness have strong influence on fish health and their resistance against the pathogens (Welch, 1941; Snieszko, 1974; Plumb et al., 1988; Shresta, 1994; Hossain, 1990).
As well as the common and Latin names, size, height and so on, a plant label contains information about ideal growing conditions - whether it likes light or shade and, crucially, what type of soil is best in terms of alkalinity or pH.
When the nitrifying bacteria oxidize ammonium to nitrate, they also reduce the level of alkalinity in the form of carbonates and bicarbonates (Chen et al., 2006).
The pH, conductivity, and concentrations of total alkalinity, total hardness, and calcium hardness in Alabama streams tended to be lowest in the Piedmont Plateau (PP) and Coastal Plain (CP), intermediate in the Ridge and Valley (RV), Appalachian Plateau (AP), and Highland Rim fHRV and highest in the Blackland Prairie (BP).
The conditions studied are impregnation percentage of phosphoric acid, activation temperature and time of carbonization through removal via chemical oxygen demand, alkalinity and oil and grease concentrations of real car wash wastewater.
Paul, MN, has patented a solid detergent composition comprising a first alkalinity source consisting essentially of at least one alkali metal silicate; at least one saccharide comprising sucrose, fructose, inulin, lactulose, maltose or combinations thereof or at least one sugar alcohol comprising sorbitol; at least one polycarboxylic acid polymer; water; optionally a secondary alkalinity source comprised of sodium carbonate; and a nonionic surfactant.
Moreover in anaerobic digestion process adequate alkalinity is necessary in order to control the pH.