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pH values above 7

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If copper pipes are included in the distribution systems, finished water with extremely high alkalinity should be avoided.
The results generated for ash alkalinity in the present study would seem to confirm that this is largely true under field conditions.
But the species with the highest ash alkalinity measured was white cedar (Melia azederach), a species native to Australia's east coast.
The alkalinity was 2000 mg/l, due to carbonate and bicarbonate.
T 428 om04 Hot water extractable acidity or alkalinity of paper
By restoring your body's alkalinity, you can re-balance your system and the allergic reactions vanish.
Additionally, buffering effects occurring immediately following plant material addition were ascribed either to association of protons with functional groups, or to released alkalinity in very soluble forms or in immediately decomposing parts of the residues (Tang et al.
CSP will also offer various new automated online analysis systems, such as a titration system for measuring pH, alkalinity and lime content, An automatic on-line ash analyser for the determination of conductometric ash in the sugar industry will also be available.
Hardness--The solubility of calcium bicarbonate in water depends on pH, alkalinity and temperature.
The reason for their brief life in our gardens has to do with the heat of our summers, the low humidity we experience throughout the year and the alkalinity and imperfect drainage of our soil.
Boasting a natural alkalinity level 100 times higher than other bottled waters, Evamor aids in combating excess acids introduced by the modern diet loaded with sugars, preservatives and fats.
launched a new website designed to give building owners, architects and contractors an in-depth look at several products that protect new and existing concrete slabs from moisture vapor emission and alkalinity damage.
The important physical and chemical characteristics analyzed for the effluents were colour, temperature, pH, carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, total alkalinity, nitrite, total hardness, alkaline hardness, non alkaline hardness, total solids, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, oxygen consumed by KMn[O.