alkaline metal

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any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium)

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where [M.sub.r] is expressed in terms of moles of the metal released or accumulated/kg of the cement paste, [m.sub.0] (kg) is the mass of the cement paste subjected to the leaching test, [V.sub.L] (l) is the volume of the leaching solution in contact with the monolithic specimen, [C.sub.0] (mol/l) is the initial concentration of the alkaline metal in the leaching solution, and [C.sub.t] (mol/l) is the concentration of the alkaline metal in the leaching solution at the time t.
A Period begins with an element the atom of which contains one s-electron at the outer level: this is hydrogen in Period 1, and alkaline metals in the others.
Side by side with influence on morphological peculiarities of the crystallite growth under conditions of joint deposition of vapor flows of steel and alkaline metal halogenides, intensification of the volume diffusion will enable formation at boundaries of columnar crystallites of accumulations of defects such as vacancies, impurity atoms, etc.
Four groups of minerals containing alkaline metal (Cs or Na and /or K) were selected for water leaching test.
A wood cement board substantially consisting of reinforcing wood material and a cement wherein said reinforcing wood material is treated by a method comprising attaching an aqueous solution of a mineral acid and adding and mixing an alkaline metal silicate in said reinforcing wood material to prevent the inhibition of hardening of cement by sugar contained in said reinforcing wood material is provided in the present invention.
Among their topics are the ion-exchange kinetics of alkaline metals on the surface of carboxymethyl cellulose Sn(IV) phosphate composite cation exchanger, the adsorption of proteins onto non-soluble polysaccharide matrices: a friendly strategy to isolate enzymes with potential application for downstream processes, different desalinization processes for turning sea water into fresh drinking water, removing phosphates and sulphates in a multi-ion system with nitrates, and adsorption and ion exchange: basic principles and their application in food processing.
Gases, alkaline metals and other elements are simply too unstable or difficult to smelt.
That allows to assume that water-soluble chemical compounds (chlorines and sulphates of alkaline metals and free CaO), initially present in ash, have mostly been leached and carried away from the ash field with precipitation water.
For example, the elements of Group 1 are alkaline metals (the very active chemical elements), while Group 18 consists of inert gases which manifest a very low chemical activity under the regular physical conditions.
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