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any of the bivalent metals of group II of the periodic table (calcium or strontium or barium or magnesium or beryllium)

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By type, the global ceramic fiber market has been divided into refractory ceramic fiber, alkaline earth silicone, and others.
The alkali and alkaline earth metal carbonates have a positive effect on the cracking of oxygen-containing functional groups in oil shale.
As it has been shown, the acid-base properties of alkaline Earth metals-containing zeolites significantly affect the yields of these processes.
There was an increment of the cell parameters with ionic radii of alkaline earth element as expected whereas the change of the a/c ratio can show that there was also redistribution of ions on the sites A1 and A2 depending on the kind of the alkaline earth element.
Another characteristic feature is that the changes in the levels of the alkaline earth metals can be correlated with the Ksp of their carbonates (De Visscher et al.
The firing temperature for vitrified wheel preparation can be minimized by selecting appropriate contents of boron oxide, alkali oxides and alkaline earth oxides, and by maintaining the correct ratios of boron oxide to alkali oxides, sodium oxide to lithium oxide, and silicon oxide to the combination of alkali oxides and alkaline earth oxides in these bonds [8].
Alkali and alkaline earth chromate by time of flight laser microprobe mass spectrometry and fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry were studied by Frederic A.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in eight chapters devoted to a collection of basic concepts in inorganic chemistry, alkali and alkaline earth metals, group thirteen elements, group fourteen elements, nitrogen, the heavier pnictogens, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
It is comprised of perfume; at least one nonionic surfactant; at least one alkyl benzene sulfonate; at least one olefin sulfonate; and at least one inorganic alkali metal salt or alkaline earth metal salt.
These complex oxides of alkaline earth metal elements and titanium, zirconium, or niobium and have high infrared reflectivity after firing.
While previous biomass products have been rich in alkali and alkaline earth metals that damage pipes, the researchers' biofuel product has fewer corrosive materials, making them ideal candidates for use in power plants.
Composition--Lead, Alkaline and Alkaline Earth: The composition of a glaze can determine its surface texture, light transmission, viscosity when molten and color development when used with stains or metallic coloring oxides such as iron, chrome, rutile or copper.
These fluids dissolve rock-forming minerals and deteriorate rock through the hydrolysis of clays and silicate and the concomitant leaching of alkali and alkaline earth elements [4-6].
Rare earth and alkaline earth metal borides belong to the group of nonoxide type metal-like compounds and have high melting point, high chemical stability, stable specific resistance, low expansion coefficient at certain temperature ranges, diverse magnetic orders, and high neutron absorbability [1,2].
For instance, Pearson and Hwang were pioneers in the field and reported many TAPD-based chemosensors formed by crown ethers as ionophore sites and phenylenediamine moiety as a transducer capable of detection of alkaline or alkaline earth cations [12].