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relating to or containing an alkali

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Stephanie Morgan whose company Raw and Juicy provides bespoke alkaline diet meals delivered to your door claims the diet isn't meant to be an ordeal.
The anode material used in conventional alkaline button batteries was known for having a low rate of Hydrogen gas absorption compared to silver oxide button battery cells.
If your average is above seven you are too alkaline.
Although there are still some disadvantages to this kind of membrane, Varcoe's work represents a milestone in the development of alkaline membrane fuel cells," said Lin Zhuang, an expert in the field of AAEMs from Wuhan University, China.
The winner will be announced on Alkaline s website on January 2, 2007.
During this whole trip, I discovered acid and alkaline in the body, which is basically where yin and yang came from, the Chinese medicine and the balance.
But in alkaline papermaking, starch is a critical part of wet-end sizing.
aOxoid Limited has extended the Oxoid range of products for the growth, isolation and identification of Vibrio cholerae and other Vibrio species to include Alkaline Peptone Water (CM1028).
Plagioclase dramatically removes Sr at intermediate stages and alkali feldspars sequester Ba and Rb as late-stage trachytes and phonolites form in alkaline magmas.
Echinoderms, animals like sea urchins and starfish, carry a distinct gene known to scientists as the alkaline phosphatase gene that is believed to be responsible for developing a pre-skeletal system within the echinoderm, of which is later on replaced by calcium deposits to make the final skeleton.
ProMetic's technology has been licensed to AM-Pharma for use in connection with Alkaline Phosphatase, a proprietary product being developed by AM-Pharma for the treatment of sepsis and septic shock.
There is quite a lot of irony in the alkaline soaking process.
Alkaline batteries are still the most commonly used type around the house, and they come in the standard sizes: D, C, AA and AAA.
In the tropics, the pH is acidic since the heavy rains wash away those minerals - containing calcium and magnesium - that make a soil alkaline.