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relating to or containing an alkali

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1) Alkaline water ionizer helps to neutralize acids in your body.
We make supercharged ionized alkaline water that's better at rehydration," claims Essentia's website.
But the acid-base equation is only part of the bone-health story, and research has been mixed as to how an alkaline diet affects our bones.
If you are too acidic, your body will start robbing alkaline minerals from the places that you need them such as your pearly white teeth, and bones.
The resulting alkaline filtrates from the three-stage extractions were combined for further drying.
According to Lupu, alkaline foods include most fresh fruits and vegetables, tofu, almonds, herbs and spices, and mineral water.
The FDA particularly pointed to an advertisement that appeared in the March 31 issue of the Inquirer, which referred to Izumi antioxidant alkaline water ionizer as a device that used the same Japanese technology to produce water that supposedly sustained Shigechiyo Izumi, a Japanese centenarian who was earlier named by the Guinness World Records the "oldest living person.
Essentially, a saltwater solution undergoes an electrolysis process, which isolates the positive and negative ions, separating the water into acidic and alkaline liquids.
I'm talking about water enhanced with the proper alkaline minerals to improve a consumer's pH balance.
A case in point is substituting standard alkaline batteries for L91 lithium AA batteries in the AN/PAS-13C, -13D and -13E thermal weapon sights.
0% by weight of a compound of the formula R1 (Mn04)n, or mixtures thereof, wherein R1 is H, an alkali-metal, or an alkaline earth metal, and n is 1 when R1 is H or an alkali-metal and 2 when R1 is an alkaline earth metal; and a reducing agent comprising between about 1-3% by weight of a peroxygen compound, or mixtures thereof, wherein the peroxygen compound is hydrogen peroxide, urea peroxide, an alkali-metal peroxide or an alkaline earth metal peroxide.
London, Oct 17 (ANI): The alkaline or pH diet not only aids weight loss but can help alleviate a variety of ailments from indigestion to arthritis, followers of the diet have claimed.
Alkaline and zinc carbon battery sales are growing in the non-rechargeable market, with zinc growth massively ahead of alkaline in terms of volume (albeit from a much smaller base), thanks to an increase in the average price paid per alkaline battery.
Not only is there not an iota of scientific evidence for any of the claims, the term "ionized alkaline water" is scientifically meaningless.
Sony Corporation on Thursday said it introduced its mercury-free alkaline button battery, which is commonly used in cameras, remote controls and calculators, the alkaline manganese.