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Synonyms for alkaline

relating to or containing an alkali

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AD olgularin deri temizliginde hafif, non alkalin ozellikteki temizleyiciler onerilir.
6 (68-422) (SS: Standart sapma, ALT: Alanin aminotransferaz, AST: Aspartat aminotransferaz, ALP: Alkalin fosfataz, GGT: Gama-glutamil transpeptidaz) Tablo 3.
87 Level of Alkalin FFSS Calcium Phosphorous phosphatase (g/kg) (mg/dl) (mg/dl) (U/L) 0 13.
We recommend to avoid the contact of Tyrostan with strong oxidizing agents and alkalin solutions.
Delignification of Ailanthus altissima and Spruce orientalis with glycerol or alkalin glycerol at atmospheric pressure.
The supergene mineralogy is buffered by the presence of small amounts of pre-existing (predominantly alkalin e) phases, including brucite, pyroaurite, palygorskite, dypingite and magnesite.