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any of various water-soluble compounds capable of turning litmus blue and reacting with an acid to form a salt and water

a mixture of soluble salts found in arid soils and some bodies of water

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Dubai-based pharmacist Tamer Hassan explains that alkalies are solube salts that are effective in removing dirt without excessive rubbing.
This means that the funds are betting more on companies like Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts and Phillips Carbon Black, though in absolute value they fall short of, say, Gujarat Alkalies or KSB Pumps.
An increase in the alkalies content has been obtained by the addition of [K.
The correlation to ash of the Trapper Creek Section is the best match if the alkalies (Na and K) are removed from the comparison.
Fixed alkalies, such as sodium and calcium hydroxides, are used in depilatories.
The company uses large amounts of acids, alkalies and paint in its work.
These contain acids, alkalies and other chemicals that serve as conductors.
33% interest) have been executed with various Gujarat State entities including Gujarat State Energy Generation Limited (30 mmcf/day), Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals (18 mmcf/day) and Gujarat Powergen Energy Corporation (7.
Basic chemicals also known as Heavy chemicals such as acids, alkalies, salts and organic chemicals.
The battery used for the SX-70 was a unique flat package that produced 6 volts, without strong alkalies or heavy metals.
The battery used for the SX-70 was a unique flat package that produced 6 volts, without strong alkalies or heavy metals, While the PolaPulse battery wasn't suited for powering devices like radios, CD players or toys, some alternate applications have been flashlights and blinking warning indicators.
Recycling of spent acids and alkalies, ion exchange separation for hexavelant chrome solutions, ion exchange and/or adsorption for the recovery of toxic metals, and treatment for the removal and recovery of oil and grease (including the use of ultrafiltration followed by reverse osmosis), are the more recent environmental technologies that must be considered.
Therefore, the bonding and additive materials used to prepare reclaimed sand for cores and molds work on grains essentially free from clays, alkalies, organic materials and sharp edges.
Plant manager Fred Hnatuk explained that the reduction process uses alkalies to capture the phosphates.
During the 1972-79 period, the comparatively weak showing of the alkalies and chlorine and of the industrial pigments industries contrasted with the improvement in that larger group; the reverse occured during the subsequent timespan.