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relating to or containing an alkali

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While we have convincingly demonstrated that the Thursday's Gossan prospect is an alkalic (and therefore highly prized) copper-gold porphyry, we still do not believe investors have fully grasped the magnitude of the potential in the multiple targets we have identified within our dominant tenure position in this emerging copper-gold belt.
The Quesnel Trough is a package of rocks that stretches from southern to northern British Colombia, and is highly prospective for copper-gold alkalic porphyry deposits, and is the location of many operating mines and mines in development.
1980) briefly outline five magma types recovered from the chain, including 1) tholeiitic basalt (Macleod and Pratt 1973), 2) transitional basalt, 3 and 4) two types of alkalic basalt, and 5) trachyte (R.
Age and petrology of Alkalic postshield and rejuvenated-stage lava from Kauai, Hawaii.
The more alkalic members of the suite tend to be partially to completely altered, with widespread kaolinite, sericite and replacement of feldspar phenocrysts and mafic minerals by calcite or hematite, or both (Fig.
The Copper Canyon deposit is classified as a gold-rich, copper-gold-silver alkalic porphyry style system.
Alkalic ultramafic intrusions present in the BLSZ may have followed this structure from depth to surface, and the BLSZ may have also served as a conduit for hydrothermal fluids carrying gold.
They are LREE-enriched peralkalic syenites and alkalic syenitoids with potassium feldspar, plagioclase, quartz, biotite and aegirine-augite as their common minerals.
The property is situated in the Quesnel Terrane, and the exploration target is an Alkalic copper-gold porphyry deposit.
This specific volcanic formation consists of flows of alkalic olivine basalts similar to the other Pliocene volcanics on Tutuila.
Similar mineralization is known in the Skaergaard area, and East Greenland is regarded as a province for stockwork molybdenum mineralization associated with rift-related, alkalic rocks.
As part of the process of confirming the historic Copper Flat resource, approximately 14,000 pulps from the 185 historic drill holes completed within the Copper Flat alkalic copper-gold system are being inventoried and a statistically significant selection is being sent for analysis.