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relating to or containing an alkali

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Results from the 2019 surface exploration and diamond drilling program have confirmed the presence of a large Cu-Au-Ag alkalic porphyry trend over an area which includes Burgundy, Telena and the 72 Zone 2.3 kms away.
It means that the Zone A was likely deposited under relatively stable oxic shallow polycarbonate-rich alkalic seawaters while the Zone B probably experienced deeper sub-oxic depositional conditions with input of more terrigenous materials.
The Quesnel Trough is a package of rocks that stretches from southern to northern British Colombia, and is highly prospective for copper-gold alkalic porphyry deposits, and is the location of many operating mines and mines in development.
(1980) briefly outline five magma types recovered from the chain, including 1) tholeiitic basalt (Macleod and Pratt 1973), 2) transitional basalt, 3 and 4) two types of alkalic basalt, and 5) trachyte (R.B.
The self-corrosion current of Ni-P coating is the least either in acid, alkalic, or salty solutions.
Based on the equation (5), pH of acid substances is smaller than 7.0, while pH of alkalic substances is greater than 7.0 (Horakova et al., 1986).
The grain aggregates are consistent with derivation from the alkalic olivine basalts of the Salani Volcanics (late Pleistocene to early Holocene) and Puapua Volcanics (late Holocene) exposed upstream in the hinterland of Pulemelei, with the latter source in the Savai'i uplands probably most likely as judged from petrographic descriptions (R.N.
Moyd (1949) mentioned zeolites associated with a band of nepheline-bearing rocks in the Bancroft, Ontario area, and Corriveau (1985) noted thomsonite in an alkalic syenite from Lac Rouge, Labelle Co., Quebec.
Age and petrology of Alkalic postshield and rejuvenated-stage lava from Kauai, Hawaii.
The more alkalic members of the suite tend to be partially to completely altered, with widespread kaolinite, sericite and replacement of feldspar phenocrysts and mafic minerals by calcite or hematite, or both (Fig.
The MPD Project's Nicola Belt geology has many similar characteristics to nearby alkalic porphyry systems at the Copper Mountain Mine to the south, and New Gold's New Afton Mine to the north.
Petrological and geochemical data is consistent with the basaltic, doleritic and gabbroic intrusions comprising alkalic series signatures, characteristic of heterogeneous asthenospheric melting associated with ocean island basalt (OIB) magmatism.
Drill Holes H-8 and H-11 ended in Copper Mineralization and on the basis of geological characteristics, mineralization and size potential, Doubleview believes that the Hat property qualifies as a "copper-gold alkalic porphyry"-type deposit.