alkali metal

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any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium)

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The effect of the aza crown pendant and the coordinated alkali metal and alkaline-earth metal ions on these activities was also discussed.
In our lab, we were able to produce alkali metal silicides, which basically are made from sodium and silicon, which, in turn, are produced from salt and sand," said James Dye, SiGNa's co-founder and University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at MSU.
Matsumoto and Odani have developed a dispersion technique based on intercalating alkali metal ions between layers of a lamellar crystalline polymer.
In one contribution, a Swedish physics professor reviews recent work on the structural properties and phase diagrams of complex alkali metal and alkaline earth hydrides under elevated pressures.
The 60page book also includes a completely updated review of Spectroflux alkali metal borate fusion fluxes.
Low odor compared to alkali metal soap surfactants.
The intumescent material comprises filler material, binder material and a hydrated alkali metal silicate intumescent component.
The percentages of leached alkali metal (Alk %) with respect to total alkali metal in the original sample, [w.
According to the companies, SiGNa's patent-pending alkali metal reagents allow scientists and researchers to "dramatically" improve efficiencies and results, "bypassing traditional dangerous steps in alkali metal reduction processes.
The most important alkali metal in oil shale is potassium present as alumosilicates.
Cesium-137, an alkali metal, is useful in medical and industrial radiology and is produced in the process of nuclear testing and atomic power plant operation.
60] films can become conductive and even superconductive when exposed to alkali metal vapors has only added to the excitement, as has the finding that atoms can be implanted into and within the fullerene's cage structure.