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any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium)

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Besides, according to the research results on alkali metals poisoning resistance of these catalysts, it was discovered, the treated-catalyst poisoned by sodium salt had the best resistance performance, which might be related with the modification of the Non -thermal plasma, leading to more dispersed surface acid sites, to get more active sites, meanwhile, the toxicity of K was stronger than Na.
However, [Si.sup.4+] in the oxygen-silicon tetrahedron always be substituted by [Al.sup.3+] and form a alumina tetrahedron with some extra negative charge, which needs alkali metal cations to achieve the charge balance.
Basically, alkali metal hydroxide acts as a catalyst, but almost the same amount which is added during synthesis is leached out from the hardened structure [15].
For all of the alkali metal salts used in the present calculations, as the diameter of the container decreases, the curvature of the interface, which is initially located near the container wall, starts to extend toward the center of the interface profile, reducing its flat portion.
The next eight chapters provide a systematic summary of the best-known receptors for alkali metal cations, organic and inorganic anions, carbohydrates, nucleosides and nucleotides, oligonucleotides and nucleic acids, amino acids and peptides, protein surfaces and polar lipids.
Active ingredients which can load on the carrier include alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, transition metal oxides, rare earth metal oxides, mixed metal oxide, and nanoscale metal oxides.
He begins with the atomic properties of one-electron and two-electron atoms, then explains the atomic properties and periodic trends of atoms with more than two electrons, homonuclear diatomic molecules, gaseous alkali metal haloids with ionic bonds, other heteronuclear diatomic molecules with polar covalent bonds, the Lewis cubical atom model, molecular orbital calculations on heteronuclear diatomic molecules (as well as hybridization and estimation of net atomic charges from calculated electron densities), homonuclear diatomic species of certain second-period elements, structure and bonding (including in simple compounds of the Group 14 elements and those in other Groups), and electron deficient molecules.
Neutralization with amines, ammonia, or alkali metal hydroxides makes them dispersible in water.
"In our lab, we were able to produce alkali metal silicides, which basically are made from sodium and silicon, which, in turn, are produced from salt and sand," said James Dye, SiGNa's co-founder and University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at MSU.
Matsumoto and Odani have developed a dispersion technique based on intercalating alkali metal ions between layers of a lamellar crystalline polymer.
In one contribution, a Swedish physics professor reviews recent work on the structural properties and phase diagrams of complex alkali metal and alkaline earth hydrides under elevated pressures.
However, studies on the alkali metal status of Indian soils are extremely scarce, except for reports such as the one by Mehta et al.