alkali metal

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any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium)

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The anode may be an alkali metal such as a lithium compound or alloy.
Numerous computational studies [22-43] have been carried out to study the structure and energetics of interactions between alkali metal cations and different Lewis bases.
Low odor compared to alkali metal soap surfactants.
The intumescent material comprises filler material, binder material and a hydrated alkali metal silicate intumescent component.
According to the companies, SiGNa's patent-pending alkali metal reagents allow scientists and researchers to "dramatically" improve efficiencies and results, "bypassing traditional dangerous steps in alkali metal reduction processes.
The most important alkali metal in oil shale is potassium present as alumosilicates.
Cesium-137, an alkali metal, is useful in medical and industrial radiology and is produced in the process of nuclear testing and atomic power plant operation.
It is comprised of perfume; at least one nonionic surfactant; at least one alkyl benzene sulfonate; at least one olefin sulfonate; and at least one inorganic alkali metal salt or alkaline earth metal salt.
The process for producing the modified conjugated diene polymer comprises the steps of: polymerizing a conjugated diene compound or copolymerizing a conjugated diene compound and an aromatic vinyl compound in a hydrocarbon solvent using an alkali metal initiator and/or an alkaline earth metal initiator; and reacting active terminals of the resulting polymer with a low molecular weight compound having two or more tertiary amino groups and one or more alkoxysilyl groups in the molecule.
They cover fundamentals and general aspects of electrochemical energy storage, materials for aqueous electrolyte batteries, materials for alkali metal batteries, new emerging technologies, and performance and technology development for batteries.
American Thermal Holdings Company has received a patent for a coating composition consisting essentially of (a) approximately 30-65% by weight of a water-soluble alkali metal silicate binder; (b) 0.
Osaka, June 22, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Panasonic Corporation announced today it has succeeded in the development of a new catalyst using an alkali metal compound to decompose and purify particulate matter in diesel engine exhaust gas[1], and has begun shipping its samples this month.
This alkali metal has 76 fewer electrons than francium.