alkali grass

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plant of western North America having grasslike leaves and greenish-white flowers

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Van Straalen and FMH Dooper (1993) used grass silage, grass, and clover as raw materials, which was different from the present study, the reason was that different climatic conditions, soil environment and regions lead to different species in China, therefore alfalfa (Long mu 801), alfalfa (Long mu 803), alkali grass, corn silage, and corn straw were selected in this study.
Alkali grass provides a good example, with relatively high ground cover scores at all mowing heights in June 1997 and very low cover by August 2000.
Common name Scientific name Seed source Cool-season grasses Alpine bluegrass Poa alpina Prairie Seeds Alkali grass Puccinellia USDA-NRCS, nuttalliana Bridger, MT Alpine fescue Festuca ovina var.