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a blood disorder characterized by a lower concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood (which rises above 7

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Alkalemia => PaCO2 in normal range => HCO3- increased =>Uncompensated Metabolic Alkalosis Advanced Assessment.
Alkalemia => PaC02 is low and HC03-has decreased as compensation => Partly Compensated Respiratory Alkalosis
How does one use all of the blood gas results to aid in the differential determination of the mechanisms of acidemia or alkalemia in order to facilitate and optimize treatment?
These patients had alkalemia with increased serum bicarbonate levels, though the measured [Pco.
Basic Assessment: Alkalemia [right arrow] PaCO2 in normal range [right arrow] HCO3- increased [right arrow] Uncompensated Metabolic Alkalosis Advanced Assessment: Alkalemia [right arrow] possible Metabolic Alkalosis [right arrow] Anion Gap 11 (normal) [right arrow] Expected PaCO2 44 Therefore, no other Acid-base disorders expect Metabolic Alkalosis.