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any of various acid dyes

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For quantification of differentiation, Oil Red O and Alizarin Red S were extracted from each well with isopropanol and 10% cetylpyridinium chloride, respectively, and read at 584 nm (FLUOstar OPTIMA).
After 14 days, MSCs were fixed and stained with Alizarin Red S for osteogenic differentiation and Oil Red O for adipogenic differentiation.
Furthermore, the most important properties of such cells include multi-lineage mesenchymal differentiation in appropriate medium, as demonstrated by alizarin red staining and RT-PCR analysis [30].
A comparison of the suitability of alizarin red S and calcein for inducing a nonlethally detectable mark in juvenile guppies.
Sirius red method for amyloid; oil red O for paraffin sections; Von Kossa methods for minerals; and Alizarin red S procedure for calcium.
A) Pb dose-dependently inhibited mineralization of primary osteoblasts, as seen with alizarin red stain (top), and increased the adipogenic potential in C3H10t1/2 cells treated with an adipogenic cocktail and stained with Oil Red O (bottom).
Uncertainty over the toxicity of calcein and alizarin red residues in animals released into the wild and also for human consumption (Mohler 2003) make these two chemicals less preferable for commercial use than OTC in Australia.
On day 20, cells seeded in 24-well plates were fixed in 95% ethanol for 15 min and the mineralized bone nodules were visualized by alizarin red staining techniques (Hale et al.
1], 3 and 6 h) whereas alizarin red only yielded irregular bands with 50-100 mg x [l.
1E, when the cells were induced to differentiate into different lineages they showed enhanced positive staining for alizarin red.
Mineralization of BMSCs was determined using alizarin red S staining after culturing in basal medium (control), OIM, and OIM with PNS at final concentrations of 10, 50, 100, and 200 [mu]g/ml for 21 days.
Alizarin Red S staining was performed for UMR 106 cells using standard protocols (Malaval et al.
Alizarin Red S is an anthraquinone derivative used to identify calcium.