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any of various acid dyes

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We cultured the micromasses of hTERT-OA 13A FLSs and hTERT-RA 516 FLSs in STEMPro chondrogenesis differentiation medium for 14 days and assessed calcium mineral formation and deposition using alizarin red staining.
A comparison of the suitability of alizarin red S and calcein for inducing a nonlethally detectable mark in juvenile guppies.
Following three weeks after seeding, these cells showed osteogensis upon staining with Alizarin Red S for calcium deposits.
This is most likely due to the limitation of staining process (alizarin red not able to bind to the mineral in the middle layers (Figure 3).
Expected Histochemical Stain Results for Cellulose, Calcium Oxalate, and Talc Colorless Birefringent Sirius Red Material for Amyloid Von Kossa Cellulose Red + - Calcium oxalate - Black + Talc - - Colorless Birefringent Alizarin Red Oil Red O Material (pH 4.1-4.3) (72 h) Cellulose - - Calcium oxalate - - Talc - Pink [+ or -] Abbreviations: +, positive staining; -, no staining; 6, weak or equivocal staining.
Oil red O and alizarin red staining showed that these cells also could differentiate into adipocytes and osteoblasts after induction [Figure 2]c and [Figure 2]d.{Figure 2}
The presence of mature adipocytes and osteoblasts was confirmed by staining with Oil Red O and Alizarin Red S, respectively.
Caption: FIGURE 2: The effects of extracts from light-curable pulp capping materials (TC and BA) as well as the gold standard pulp capping material (DC) on alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity (at 14 and 21 days) (a) and on calcium deposition using alizarin red staining (ARS) (at 21 days) (b and c).
Cell adhesion and morphology (by DAPI and phalloidin stainings at days 7 and 21), proliferation (by AlamarBlue[c] activity at days 1,14, and 28), and differentiation into the osteogenic lineage (Alizarin Red staining at day 28) and cell colonisation and morphology (SEM at day 21) were studied for all groups and controls.
Immediately following enucleation, corneas were dissected along with 2mm of surrounding scleral tissue from the eyeball and placed endothelial side up on a glass slide, covered with 0.2% red alizarin (Alizarin Red S, Sigma-Aldrich, St.
Mineralization at 28 days was assessed by Alizarin red S staining, which stains the calcium minerals red.
With the use of alizarin red, the cultured cells were stained on day 21 to assess the mineralized matrix.
Osteogenic differentiation ability of isolated hAMMSC was confirmed by positive Alizarin red S staining.