alizarin crimson

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any of various acid dyes

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The red could also be cadmium red light, the medium, cadmium red dark or alizarin crimson. In a way, side by side, the red and the black become one color.
8, painting one with cobalt blue and the other with alizarin crimson and using the same mix for the windows as I used in the buildings.
Next I changed to my 3/4ins flat brush and, with a mixture of cobalt blue and alizarin crimson, stroked gently and lightly across the canvas to form the distant, weak hills.
I apply some yellow ochre top right, then ultramarine mixed with a touch of alizarin crimson.
Making a mix of ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna, I put it on fairly boldly in the foreground but added a little more water as I went further into the distance.
For the big hill on the left I used more green, then added ultramarine blue mixed with a touch of alizarin crimson with a little burnt sienna to create a warm shadow.
While still wet I popped a touch of alizarin crimson into the blue and placed some underneath the clouds to suggest shadow.
The only figure with a hint of colour is the person with the dog, to which I added a tiny touch of weak Alizarin crimson. Don't forget to reflect the colour underneath to suggest wet sand.
For the lifebelt I put a couple of strokes of alizarin crimson and left the rest white paper.