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an orange-red crystalline compound used in making red pigments and in dyeing

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Total quantity or scope: Procurement of insurance services for the control of the Institute Group alizarin and public health establishment Saint-Antoine (84).
For quantification of differentiation, Oil Red O and Alizarin Red S were extracted from each well with isopropanol and 10% cetylpyridinium chloride, respectively, and read at 584 nm (FLUOstar OPTIMA).
Furthermore, the most important properties of such cells include multi-lineage mesenchymal differentiation in appropriate medium, as demonstrated by alizarin red staining and RT-PCR analysis [30].
During the 1860s, Perkin turned his attention to alizarin and wondered if this substance could also be produced synthetically.
Identification of calcium oxalate crystals using alizarin red S stain.
The following specimens of Liparidae, cleared and stained with alizarin red for bone and alcian blue for cartilage, were examined in the Museum of Zoology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to verify anatomical identification of the ossicles recovered from the chemically prepared specimens: Liparis callyodon (spotted snailfish): UAMZ2109 (four specimens); L.
For example, in the case of the Golden Open Acrylic Alizarin Crimson hue, PG7 and PR122 were found, but not the PR206 expected as well.
The specimens were subjected to diaphanization by KOH and staining of bones with alizarin red S and of cartilage with alcian blue, according to the method of Davis and Gore (1936) and Dingerkus and Uhler's (1977) modified method, at the Wild Animal Research Laboratory (LAPAS) of the Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
She has a preference for warm colours: for liver reds and alizarin pinks, grey-pinks, grey- and Naples yellows.
This is the case with tubes of Alizarin Crimson and Hooker's Green, two oil colors that he has found to fade rapidly when exposed to sunlight.
The colours were new to him' alizarin crimson, raw sienna and a green he couldn't pronounce.
This rock has a primarily microcrystalline texture, with grayish-colored patches of micrite which do not react to alizarin red S solution.