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(Judaism) the honor of being called up to the reading desk in the synagogue to read from the Torah

(Judaism) immigration of Jews to Israel

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Three years before the Rabbinical Assembly voted to give women aliyot, by minority opinion, Goldman wrote to Mrs.
Large committees were formed to handle such details as the selling of aliyot, the distribution of seat tickets, the pricing of the tickets, collecting tickets at the door, ushering, walking the floor to keep order during services, keeping order outside the synagogue, and the serving of refreshments.
Moreover, there is a lengthy Torah service that follows the traditional format of seven Aliyot interspersed with readings from the Torah.
Though considered the norm in the Conservative and Reform Jewish worlds for nearly four decades, the piece de resistance at Shira Hadasha is that women here read Torah in front of the entire community and are honored with aliyot, invitations to stand before the entire congregation and say prayers before and after the Torah is read, bucking a 2,000-year-old tradition.
He stepped in on the side of tradition, arguing that because women's aliyot remain "outside the consensus," any "congregation that institutes them is not Orthodox in name and will not long remain Orthodox in practice.
The first Zionist settlers in Palestine were also greatly outnumbered by Arabs; if 180,000 Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria are greatly outnumbered by over a million Arabs, that ratio is a good deal more favorable to the Zionists than what obtained during or after the first and second aliyot.
Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik to the entire issue of women's prayer groups, hakkafot, aliyot and all of the sundry other topics that have emerged from the feminist movement" [19] But as one begins to read the article, it soon becomes evident that R.
Thus Rabbi Aaron Soloveitchik rules: "Nowadays, when there are Jews fighting for equality for men and women in such matters as aliyot, if Orthodox rabbis prevent women from saying Kaddish when there is a possibility for allowing it, it will strengthen the influence of Reform and Conservative rabbis.
But not everybody has the ability to act as hazzan (or get one of the few aliyot available on a Shabbat); minors would thus not be able to exercise their responsibility towards their deceased parents.
In many congregations throughout the country, shnuddering (the public auctioning of communal honors) was first eliminated, bat-mitzvah celebrations inaugurated, and aliyot granted to women, at the behest and initiative of the ritual committee.
Among the Conservative synagogues I polled, rabbis told me they don't have enough aliyot (i.
This discussion is, however, relevant to the issue of women receiving aliyot or women functioning as ba'alei k'riah.
But, committed to halakhic constraints, they cannot pray in a synagogue where men and women sit together and fully participate in all activities, including aliyot to the Torah.
A tannaitic source states that women, in theory, could count in the seven aliyot on Shabbat, meaning that they are eligible to read from the Torah, but, because of the "dignity of the congregation" (the same term used later in the Shulhan Arukh about an unbearded bar mizvah leading the prayers, noted above), they are not called to do so.