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Synonyms for aliveness

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the property of being animated

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The exploding aliveness of the world" that fuels artistic creativity also finds full expression in dynamic microscopic realms teeming with unfathomable numbers of viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions, and protozoa that lead to an incredible variety of pathologic consequences when infecting their hosts.
They contend that everyone is a leader, defining a leader as someone who is responsible for his or her world, and offer a model for creating more aliveness and ownership in life by balancing essence and action, or being and doing.
There is no self-pity here, just a ferocious intellectual inquisitiveness and a lifetime affair with a city where Gornick's aliveness, her alertness are rewarded daily.
According to the Tamil regional daily, it was reported that amidst thunderous applause, Ankajan disclosed on the aliveness of Prabhakaran, at the final election campaign rally of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance yesterday, held at the 'Sankiiyan Thoppu', Nallur, Jaffna.
1990, p 33) Where in this kind of therapy that attempts to apply scientific thinking, which places so much emphasis upon calculation and measurement and on the thoughts (which it posits as either positive or negative) of an individual psyche, where in this programmatic approach, we might ask, is space made for seeking out the relational, creative, spontaneous, humorous, playful aspects of living, which, I suggest, are crucial for making life joyous, happy--in fact, where in this model is the spontaneity, the aliveness, the joy within a therapeutic encounter?
I began reading it with trepidation because it seemed fi lled with fl uffy concepts like mindfulness, aliveness and the inner marketing guru.
This assessment echoes Barry's earlier claim in "Car and Batman" that comics images have aliveness because "You [the reader] power them on" (19).
So the challenge today becomes how to mine more than ever before what is truly unique about theatre--and theatre's aliveness does becomes more unique every day.
Westin's advocacy of holistic well-being taps into a real longing in people to live their lives with less burnout and more aliveness.
This retreat is all about joyful aliveness and spirituality.
Caro's figuration connects to Henry Moore, but develops its own understanding and attitude toward the aliveness of the body.
In Hawthorne's version of this story, the aliveness of the snow-maiden is compounded by a whirl of snowflakes that transform into snow-birds and flutter happily at the frozen girl's fingertips.
The good thing about the account is Meyer's creation of a feeling of aliveness to the moment but, on the other hand, it can seem a little breathless, and it is based on a number of suppositions and speculations about Mr Raku's awareness and feelings that could be questioned.