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Synonyms for aliveness

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the property of being animated

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It is allowing the heart to be distributor of energy on this planet: to allow feelings and sensitivities to determine where energy goes;, bringing aliveness up from the Earth and down from the Sky, putting it in and giving it out from the heart (Brooke Medicine Eagle)."
Such a performance of patriotism and benign respectability in order to appear recognizable as a person, to proclaim, "I am one of you," is an unreliable defense against Islamophobia and its threats of violence or death; and yet, too often, personhood and therefore aliveness would seem to depend on such pledges of allegiance.
The page clarified benefits of the upcoming workshop of drama therapy as it targets awakening aliveness and regaining psychological, social and spiritual health.
Significantly, the realization of one's potential hinges on the ability to rediscover this connection in the here and now: "Organicity, aliveness, being in the moment, and remembering are all inextricably interwoven?
According to art critic Richard Nilsen, "He was one of those painters, like Van Gogh, who yearned to express the exploding aliveness of the world, a man with a visionary sense of cosmic energy."
I now feel the excitement and aliveness that eluded me.
Your hands will feel the cool aliveness of healthy green leaves.
Using old magazine paper, Valerio creates vibrant collages of birds that capture a breathtaking sense of aliveness. Each page or spread features a North American bird, from the golden eagle and snowy owl, to more common backyard visitors, including the black-capped chickadee and northern cardinal.
What is increasingly missing is a focus on traditional course development and educational quality (Schmieder, 2008), or what Alexander (1979) termed "aliveness," leading to "fragmented, alienating and/or dispiriting experiences" (Goodyear & Retalis, 2010).
Although biology is named as "a science of the living things," a clear definition of "aliveness" concept cannot be made.
They contend that everyone is a leader, defining a leader as someone who is responsible for his or her world, and offer a model for creating more aliveness and ownership in life by balancing essence and action, or being and doing.
There is no self-pity here, just a ferocious intellectual inquisitiveness and a lifetime affair with a city where Gornick's aliveness, her alertness are rewarded daily." MISHA BERSON
According to the Tamil regional daily, it was reported that amidst thunderous applause, Ankajan disclosed on the aliveness of Prabhakaran, at the final election campaign rally of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance yesterday, held at the 'Sankiiyan Thoppu', Nallur, Jaffna.
As Nietzsche observes in Twilight of the Idols: 'Mankind does not strive for happiness; only the Englishman does that.' (1990, p 33) Where in this kind of therapy that attempts to apply scientific thinking, which places so much emphasis upon calculation and measurement and on the thoughts (which it posits as either positive or negative) of an individual psyche, where in this programmatic approach, we might ask, is space made for seeking out the relational, creative, spontaneous, humorous, playful aspects of living, which, I suggest, are crucial for making life joyous, happy--in fact, where in this model is the spontaneity, the aliveness, the joy within a therapeutic encounter?
I began reading it with trepidation because it seemed fi lled with fl uffy concepts like mindfulness, aliveness and the inner marketing guru.