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Synonyms for aliveness

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the property of being animated

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Each of the coaching sessions held at the Day of Aliveness focus on empowering participants to achieve greater levels of well-being in each of these areas to ultimately improve the overall quality of their life.
Vanni, admired the frescos for "their pictorial concept, the brightness of the colours and the aliveness of expression--the genius of Nino La Civita has transplanted a piece of India to Italy".
Fox says Hildegard continues to visit him through the beauty of nature, "with its aliveness and greening power, its jasmine trees pouring forth their amazing scent, the birds singing their memorable songs, the waters glistening and the ducks coming out for the evening ritual of sunset.
This primal animateness, this original kinetic spontaneity that infuses our being and defines our aliveness, is our point of departure for living in the world and making sense of it.
If opera usually kills its protagonists, Grover-Friedlander argues that opera can also represent the ways in which the voice, singing, or song obtain their own forms of aliveness.
True Acting Tips: A Path to Aliveness, Freedom, Passion, and Vitality" is a guide to the higher level of theater, as Larry Silverberg outlines his own techniques in becoming a better actor, and bringing about genuine humanity on the stage, and communicating that humanity to the crowd.
Following the fantastic landing of Curiosity on Mars, ChemCam proceeded with an aliveness test within an hour of landing.
This exercise can allow her to feel more engaged in life and become more aware of her aliveness.
The attendance of attractive spaces like little retailer shops and restaurant cause the accumulation aliveness of pedestrian paths and developing of social groups and this encourage citizens to attend more referring to important activity centers buying, watching shops and retailers promenading seeing other people and has been seen by them all of above points turn the pedestrian paths to accumulated space from all agree gated and personal phenomenon of citizens.
If you have not yet read any phenomenological research or are perhaps sceptical of its value in 'serious' academic circles, or worry about the usefulness of the findings from such studies, you could become both surprised and 'hooked-in' by the freshness and aliveness by reading this important contribution to the development of midwifery research.
It is the gambit of aesthetic theory that this "excessive" aliveness is what prevents any works or styles from disappearing to begin with.
It is unfair, outrageous and just plain stupid," Curt Ellis, former director of The Aliveness Project of Northwest Indiana,(http://posttrib.
This existence, this sense of aliveness, is strongly slanted towards a masculinist orientation and the life force in Dawid's veins comes from a very specific location in terms of its masculine instincts.