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a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources

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Kylene Beers uses, the aliterate reader: someone who has the ability to read, but chooses not to do so.
The transmedia elements of the story engage the aliterate by capturing their attention and with something that is different, something that is dynamic.
It is especially good for aliterate and at-risk readers, because it engages the auditory as well as the visual.
Efferent reader vs Aesthetic reader: Researchers refer to active readers as having aesthetic to reading whereas reluctant or aliterate readers have efferent response to reading.
I sincerely doubt that America will be a nation of aliterates in 50 years.
College teaching increasingly uses electronic technology to bridge the growing gap between an aliterate population of undergraduates and an ever-expanding knowledge base.
What is less known, and what alters our overall view of Camus, is the emphasis he gives to the aliterate, basically ahistorical silence of the people from whom he sprang.
Its market research kept coming upon the infamous aliterate American, twentysomething men and women who could read but didn't.
Finally, the study cautioned that educators must be wary of labeling students as illiterate or aliterate.
There is another category made of tens of thousands of Rwandans who are aliterate, i.
The technical label for such behavior consists of the word aliterate, which Microsoft Word unfortunately autocorrects to alliterate.
Even when consumers have the ability to comprehend the financial information, they might not want to get involved in the details of financial decision-making and would rather count on someone else to do that, thus remaining financially aliterate (Rotfeld 2008).
Aliterate adolescents can re-discover purpose and pleasure of literature when they witness fully-produced, imaginative theatrical adaptations of stories assigned in school.
What if some of them are aliterate at best or actively disdainful of reading at worst?