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a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources

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While fewer girls may be categorized as aliterates, aliteracy is more prevalent among boys.
However, some encouraging research has shown that maybe the problem of aliteracy is not quite as big as was once thought, especially among older elementary boys.
This course allows me the freedom to use my other courses as lexicological laboratories for my explorations into aliteracy among American undergraduates.
Nevertheless, the fascinating variants that his assignment elicits reflect the patterns of aliteracy that appear in the vocabulary quizzes.
However, this ideal in many African societies is marred with home and school challenges such as parents' illiteracy aliteracy, poverty, lack of school libraries, the high cost of books, and so on (Nolan-Woods & Foll, 1986; Parry, 2000, 2005).
Aliteracy is a general condition used by literacy specialists to describe readers with poor attitude who choose not to read.
Certain, likewise challenged children's librarians' Newbery Medal choices as "gossamer summer bouquets" that would drive boys to dime novels or aliteracy but, again, ALA children's librarians and their allies responded by shifting the question away from the acrimonious debate over the superiority of "boys books" over "girls books" and toward the identification of books that combined literary quality and child appeal to a wide range of ages and interests.
In 2001, a Washington Post article on illiteracy and aliteracy reported a decline in reading and reading proficiency across the board, and warned of the consequences.
In addition, they can be subject to financial aliteracy (Rotfeld 2008--even if they can comprehend financial information, they seldom make decisions about money regardless of the potential costs if they make a mistake.
Nevertheless, aliteracy, "lack of the reading habit in capable readers," (Harris & Hedges, 1995, p.
The simplistic explanation would be to assert general consumer aliteracy that logically would extend into any realm where people lack an interest to delve into the details of the subject matter (e.
But aside from the vulnerable or foolish, financial aliteracy could also generate a collection of people who were guilty of misplaced trust.
Research suggests that aliteracy, the state in which an individual has acquired the skill to read, but chooses not to, is a growing trend both in Australia and internationally.
Building his case upon the relative aliteracy, insularity, and solipsism of an American society obsessed by movies, TV, the Internet, and video games, he cautions that there is no such thing as "the American writer" but, rather, "infinite ways of being a writer in America.