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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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Typical specimen processing steps that can be automated include centrifugation, decapping, aliquoting, labeling, recapping, and storage.
Patients may benefit from having fewer tubes of blood drawn, and the risk of specimen rejection and redraw may be reduced, since aliquoting can be a cause of insufficient sample.
Residual samples submitted for laboratory testing were stored up to 8 h at room temperature then up to 14 days at 2-4 [degrees]C before division into aliquots and frozen storage at -70 [degrees]C (VCU) or up to 24 h at room temperature then up to 30 days at -20 to -30 [degrees]C before thawing, aliquoting, and refreezing at -70 [degrees]C (ARUP).
The redesign resulted in fewer steps and incorporated one-piece flow to move samples through the accessioning, centrifugation, and aliquoting processes.
Previous labor and time-intensive functions such as specimen tube sorting, centrifuging and decapping, sample aliquoting, barcode labeling, transportation to testing areas and loading into analyzers is completed effortlessly with CLAS.
Instrument platform costitutita by automatic extractor with direct use of primary tube, without prior aliquoting them by operators will ~of accessories that can be interfaced with the system lis laboratory.
Various storage temperatures and aliquoting strategies will be evaluated and reported over the length of the study.
According to Taylor, the benefit of this system begins with reduction of draw volume and the avoidance of sample splitting and aliquoting, where a single tube can be used to analyze > 90% of high-volume tests offered within the core laboratory, such as CBC differential, reticulocyte count, ESR, sickle screen, and Hb Ale.
Before aliquoting, the troponin solution was circulated through the pipettor and back into the Teflon bottle to equilibrate the wettable parts of the pipettor with the protein solution.
The cobas p 612 system runs up to 655 primary tubes per hour and also provides aliquoting.
The Sample Management team sought automation technologies requiring minimal operator intervention for sample acquisition, sample integrity assessment, centrifugation, aliquoting, stroage, and sample retrieval.
We analyzed the impact of autoverification on the process TAT ("specimen received" time to "result" verified/released time; includes automated accessioning, centrifugation, aliquoting, and other steps) by comparing statistical data on 4 high-volume tests that were available 24 h/day and orderable as STAT.
For the laboratory scientist engaged in complex processes--such as aliquoting, precipitation, and purification of samples--the 2D bar code can encode new data at every step of the process and is backward traceable for historical-verification purposes.
We assessed the effects of time and temperature on measured sCD40L concentrations by collecting whole blood from a single healthy individual into a syringe and immediately aliquoting it into EDTA-containing and plain glass tubes.