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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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Automated systems incorporate barcode reading of primary tubes (collection tubes), decapping, fractionation, aliquoting into predefined secondary tubes or plates, and transfer of barcodes onto secondary tubes.
This is not surprising, since DMF, like automated immunoassay platforms, is automated and software programmable, allowing for integration of operations such as aliquoting, dilution, or IgG blocking as needed in an immunoassay work flow.
Thanks to the standardised aliquoting process it features, Hologic's new Tomcat instrument accommodates multiple sample types concurrently and is able to continuously load and unload samples and consumables.
The instrument automates hanging drop plate setup by aliquoting a protein solution from a single source column to all 96 adhesive-free windows on a hanging drop plate seal.
Direct sampling prevents detaining tubes at the analyzer and reduces aliquoting.
Presolicitation: Dna Extraction Aliquoting Shipping And Data Preparation In Shanghai Women~S Health Study (Swhs) And Shanghai Mens Health Study (Smhs).
POC testing potentially avoids specimen transport, centrifugation, and aliquoting, reducing the risks of droplet formation or aerosolization.
Specialized service providers also offer services such as automated sample tracking and reporting; fully verifiable audit trails; bioprocessing solutions such as the extraction of nucleic acid; verification of DNA purity, yield and concentration; and volumetric and normalized aliquoting.
Aliquoting and recentrifugation of the errant plasmas resulted in the most marked reduction in erroneous results.
Samples were removed for testing and/or aliquoting and for referral to other testing facilities.
As the specimen nears the instrument for testing, other processing steps like centrifugation, de-capping, and aliquoting can happen in an automated fashion to prepare the sample for testing.
Serum or plasma was obtained from each sample by centrifuging, pooling, and aliquoting within 45 min of blood collection.
The new modular system offers more options in the selection of modules for specific activities, including specimen sorting, centrifugation, decapping, secondary tube labeling and aliquoting, serum volume verification, barcode labeling, and placing tubes in samples racks that originate from a variety of manufacturers.
Previous labor and time-intensive functions such as specimen tube sorting, centrifuging and decapping, sample aliquoting, barcode labeling, transportation to testing areas and loading into analyzers is completed effortlessly with CLAS.
After centrifugation with the Roche Modular Pre-Analytics system (Roche Diagnostics), pipetting error alerts were triggered on the aliquoting module of the Pre-Analytics system.