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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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The reaction buffer was then aliquoted into 6 labeled sample tubes at 2900 [micro]l per tube and 100 [micro]l of S-9 sample were added to each.
Recombinant human protein calibrator solutions were aliquoted and stored at -80[degrees]C.
Aliquoted samples, generated by the automation system or manually decanted, are tracked by SPA staff to the next destination, the specimen point of tracking.
After study completion, samples were defrosted at 4[degrees]C overnight and vortexed; equal volumes of the two samples from each phase of the study were then combined and aliquoted.
1% BSA in PBS and concentrations of 100 ng/mL and 25 ng/mL were aliquoted into siliconized tubes and stored at -80[degrees] C.
Investigators are expected to provide properly prepared and aliquoted DNA and supporting documentation for all specimens to be typed.
The rest of isolated mitochondria were stored aliquoted at -80[degrees]C (1 day to 4.
It also helps prevent quality degradation of the sample by sending tubes into storage within minutes of being aliquoted.
For each depot, samples of approximately 2 g were aliquoted into 50-ml conical tubes and digested in 6 ml of Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM; 5.
Solutions were diluted in human fresh-frozen plasma, aliquoted (100 [micro]L), and lyophilized.
The RNA was aliquoted and precipitated in ethanol and ammonium acetate for shipment to the participating DNA microarray users.
Samples were then aliquoted at 100ul volumes with 2,900ul of prepared reaction mixture that served as a Metabolic Activation System.
2]), and subsets of these samples were aliquoted for the following assays: 75 samples (31 with [D.
Samples requiring additional offline testing are aliquoted from primary tubes to daughter tubes by the system.