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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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The protein containing supernatant was removed and aliquoted. Concentrations were determined using the bicinchoninic acid (BCA) assay.
Cells were trypsinized and counted as described earlier; 5x [10.sup.4] respiratory epithelial cells were aliquoted into fifteen millilitres tube then were washed three times using PBS to get rid of trypsin.
The supernatant was aliquoted in 100-[micro]L portion, snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then stored at -80[degrees]C until use.
Although manufacturers state that their 96-well products are stable if kept at constant refrigeration, this may not always be possible unless reagents are initially aliquoted and there after used one-aliquot-at-a-time.
Then, the supernatants were collected, aliquoted, and stored frozen at [?]80 oC until used for further evaluation.
Afterwards, the cell suspensions were pelleted by centrifugation, the supernatants (conditioned media) were harvested, aliquoted, and stored at -70[degrees]C until quantification of cytokines or HUVEC stimulation (Figure 1).
An aliquoted FOXL2 PCR product was used for bidirectional DNA sequencing.
At the selected time point, 100 [micro]l of the ALP (exposed to heavy metal and UV) was aliquoted out and added to a cuvette containing the Tris buffer and pNPP (33.33 [micro]g/ml).
After the treatment, the material retained by the membrane was aliquoted in 2 mL and stored at -70[degrees]C, while the filtrated material was aliquoted in 10 mL and also stored at -70[degrees]C, until the use.
Specimens were aliquoted in freezer-type tubes (O-ring enclosures) and frozen at -70[degrees]C (-94[degrees]F).
Samples were centrifuged for 10 min at 10000 g and serum separated, aliquoted and stored at -80 oC until used.
Blood was obtained from each pig by cardiac puncture and directly aliquoted into 2-ml sterile vials, one aliquot used liquid sodium heparin (1,000 USP units/ml) as an anticoagulant to obtain the whole blood for lymphocyte tests, another allowed to clot for 4 h for serum preparation.