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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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The mean concentration of cell-free hemoglobin in the different aliquots increased from 0.
After transferring plasmas to aliquot tubes and recentrifuging, the Unicel DxI results for the spiked samples all decreased to <5 mIU/mL.
The extension requires two additional steps to the traditional transformation protocol: to allow the students time to treat their DNA sample and then to have more plates available for the students to transform the appropriate number of aliquots of competent cells (usually six: no DNA negative control, positive control of plasma with no treatment, amylase, protease, DNase, and RNase treatment).
CONCLUSION: When comparing Charter Medical multiple aliquot bag sets and the Charter Medical syringe aliquot system to provide neonatal transfusions, the use of the syringe system decreased blood waste and proved more cost effective.
Additional aliquots from six bottles of RM 8504, selected according to a stratified random sampling scheme, were analyzed by GC-ECD equipped with not only a DB-5 capillary column (described above) but also one with a relatively non-polar stationary phase (DB-XLB, J & W Scientific, Folsom, CA).
Inhibition of drug metabolism was determined using aliquots or infusions from these products in a fluorescence-detection assay.
As the powder dissolves, a 20 mL aliquot is withdrawn from the solution every 30 seconds for the duration of the 45-minute experiment.
Doing so one can add the laboratory dose to the same aliquot after measuring the signal corresponding to the natural dose, and then measure the OSL signal which corresponds to the combination of the natural and the laboratory dose.
Pabel focuses on the Modus orandi Deum (1524), a treatise on prayer; Precatio dominica (1524), a paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer; and Precationes aliquot novae (1535), a prayer book teaching youths how to have a colloquy with God.
Every two days an aliquot was removed for extraction of the ester, and the flasks were returned to the incubator.
In different samples we examined the protein composition of aliquot pairs.
For example, when an aliquot of drug-free serum pool was supplemented with 20 [micro]L/mL of brand 1 hawthorn extract, the observed apparent digoxin concentration using the Digoxin III assay was 0.