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having carbon atoms linked in open chains

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The outer layer comprises at least one light-stable aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane containing at least one pendent functional group selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups, and at least one heat-activated crosslinking monomer or agent.
The principal jet fuel used by the USAF, JP-8, is a mixture of petroleum distillates composed primarily of aliphatic and aromatic HCs in approximately a 6:1 ratio (Pleil et al.
Desmodur N is a solvent-free aliphatic polyisocyanate resin based on hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI).
The major discovery was that preovulatory LH concentrations in urine were significantly lower in the women who had higher internal doses of aliphatic hydrocarbons.
An aliphatic polyurethane dispersion, DSM NeoRez R-4000 can be used as a single coat in clear and pigmented systems for solid colors and metallics.
One new focus for the company is partially aromatic nylons that exceed the performance of aliphatic nylon 6 and 66.
An overview of polyurea spray technology, both aromatic and aliphatic, will be given to update the listener on current practices.
Alan Tonelli, KoSa professor of Polymer Science, and Richard Kotek, assistant professor of textile engineering, chemistry and science, are working with aliphatic nylon, or nylon whose carbon atoms are jointed in straight or branded open chains, rather than in rings.
Lyondell Chemical Company, Newtown Square, PA, has commercialized Luxate HA-300 and HA-500, two new multifunctional aliphatic polyisocyanate adducts produced from hexamethylene diisocyanate.
com/reports/c86964) has announced the addition of "An Overview of the Global Market for Aliphatic Polyols" to their offering.
The joint venture, dedicated to the manufacturing and sales of aromatic (TDI) and aliphatic (IPDI, HDI and derivates) isocyanates, includes the former Perstorp business group Coating Additives with its manufacturing sites at Pont-de-Claix in France and Freeport in the U.
Soft or flexible biopolymers include aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters, and aliphatic polyesters.
has introduced Sancure[R] OM-945 and Sancure OM-933, waterborne aliphatic oil-modified urethane dispersions for use in wood coatings.
The materials, which are based on aliphatic isocyanates and polyethers, display virtually no yellowing when subjected to long-term exposure to UV light.
New lightfast aliphatic TPUs lend themselves to bright colors for high-quality decorative components in auto interiors.