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In the aspect of pharmacological feature, drugs acting on the alimentary tract and metabolism (A), cardiovascular system (C), anti-infectives (J), and nervous system (N) were the most prevalent in the completed applications; even though, the order of therapeutic classes among full and abbreviated dossiers appeared different.
Alimentary tract morphology of selected North Atlantic shes in relation to food habits.
Nelson, "Duplications of the alimentary tract: report of three unusual cases associated with bile and pancreatic ducts," Surgery, vol.
Duplications of the ileum represent the most common form of alimentary tract duplication and typically appears as non-communicating spherical cysts of varying sizes.
Alimentary tract duplications in infancy and childhood.
We will go on enhancing market share of oncology, cardiovascular system and alimentary tract and metabolism as well as the leading position of core products in related fields by strengthening product line portfolio.
In the gastrointestinal portion of the alimentary tract, tight junctions between the simple columnar epithelial cells of the mucosa serve as a selectively permeable barrier.
Surgical treatment of duplication of the alimentary tract: enterogenous cysts, enteric cysts, or ileum duplex.
Strickland, "We chose to limit our scope to the alimentary tract because the majority of serious harm from magnets arises from perforations and fistulae of the stomach, small bowel, and colon." To reflect the introduction of small, spherical magnet sets in 2009, the study was divided into two time periods, visits during 2002-2009 and those during 2010-2012.
Fatal diseases of the alimentary tract were the most common cause of death in cases (10.6%), followed by cancer (10.2%) and circulatory system diseases (5.5%).
Congenital alimentary tract malformations are rare developmental errors that can be present at almost any part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Duplications of the alimentary tract are congenital structures that may arise anywhere from the mouth to the anus.
He said the vegetable-cum-fruit is useful in different cases like stomach disorder, peptic ulcers, gastritis, crohn's disease (chronic inflammatory disease affecting the whole alimentary tract), diarrhoea, celiac disease (defective digestion found in children).
Al Abdulhadi, "Some comparative histological studies on alimentary tract of tilapia fish (Tilapia spilurus) and sea bream (Mylio cuvieri)," Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, vol.
This was followed by more detailed research by Ladd in 1937 who introduced the term "duplication of the alimentary tract"7.
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