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In addition, the worms' alimentary canals detoxify the materials they ingest, offering a truly clean, pathogen-free casting out their back ends.
MATERIALS AND METHODs--We assessed contents of alimentary canals from two cohorts of fish reared at Dexter National Fish Hatchery and Technology Center in 2002 and 2005.
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION--Contents of alimentary canals were assessed among 2002 cohort fish (n = 88) and 2005 cohort fish (n = 95) for a total of 183 fish.
The fishes were dissected and the alimentary canals were removed and cut into parts in physiological saline for parasite recovery.
(2000), all with undamaged alimentary canals, were examined for gut contents.
But it takes energy to invest life with meaning, and the investment is made in stories, without which we are merely alimentary canals fighting other alimentary canals for food.
The alimentary canals (crop, proventriculous, and hindgut) of 25 late instars (large nymphs) and 25 adults for each species were removed and examined.